Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Leeds est une ville du Yorkshire en Angleterre (Grande-Bretagne).  


L'animatoscope du Theatre Royal (4-16 mai 1896)

F. Harvard présente un animatoscope (living photographs) au Theatre Royal au début du mois de mai.

1896 05 02 animatoscope annonce
The Era, Londres, samedi 2 mai 1896, p. 27.

Un journal local donne quelques explications sur cette présentation:

Last night the story of the play was arrested for a short time while Mr. Walter Reynolds, assisted by Mr. F. Harvard, illustrated the wonders of a recent scientific invention called the "Animatoscope." The enterprise of the lessee of the theatre is thus publicly introducing the invention, with its marvellous effects, was keenly appreciated by the audience. It will be exhibited nightly for two weeks. What appears to be an ordinary picture in thrown upon a screen by means of a powerful lantern, and the ingennity of the the inventor of " the Animatoscope " invests, as it were, every figure in the photograph with the power of movement.

The Yorkshire Post, Leeds, mardi 5 mai 1896, p. 6.

Les séances vont se prolonger jusqu'au samedi 16 mai où l'on annonce son départ pour Paris:

Mr. Walter Reynolds' Animatoscope will be shown for the last time at the Theatre Royal this evening, after which it will go for exhibition in Paris. The Animatoscope has been a great success here.

The Yorkshire Evening Post, Leeds, samedi 16 mai 1896, p. 3.