Charles Woolnough LOCKE

(Ipswich, 1849-Kensington, 1925)

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Jean-Claude SEGUIN  


John Locke (Hollesley, 1826) épouse Ann (1826). Descendance:

  • Charles  Woolnough Locke (Ipswich, 10-12/1949-Kensington, 1925) épouse (Londres, 25/03/1880) Amelia Clarke (Londres/Camden Town, [1862]). Descendance:
  • Lucy Locke.
  • Ellen Locke.
  • William Locke.
  • Caroline L. Locke.


Fils d'un meunier installé à Londres (recensement 1861), Charles Woolnough Locke, après être allé à l'école, exerce la profession de charron (recensement 1871), Il 1874, il va rejoindre un célèbre conférencier, Benjamin John Malden (Bedforshire, 1838-1933) qui, depuis la fin des années 1860, travaille au Royal Polytechnic de Londres. Il évoque dans ses souvenirs son admiration pour Malden :

As your space is limited," he commenced, I don't think I had better go too far back in my reminiscences; I date my important work from my first association with that prince of lecturers Mr. Malden, whom I joined in 1874 and with him I was associated for 13 years; a period I may say of mutual success, but of course I had the advantage of his unique knowledge not only of the various sciences he spoke upon, but of the requirements and technique of the optical lantern. He knew, none better, the possibilities and the actualities of optical projection to a hair's breadth. Like myself he was an enthusiast; within reasonable limitations he spared neither pains nor outlay to arrive at the highest plane of lantern work and in this respect, as in every other, his motto was 'be thorough.
And here a word as to lecturers. The operator is at all times to a great extent in the hand of the Cicerone. If the latter understands the needs of the lantern, he will so arrange his address that ample time is given the operator to effect the changes and work the effects desired. Some lecturers I could name give, say, six minutes to one slide and then call for six changes in the following two minutes. This gives the best operator little chance of satisfactory projection.

The Kinematograph & Lantern Weekly, Londres, 1er juillet 1909, p. 357.

Par ailleurs, lorsque l'occasion se présente, Charles W. Locke donne ses propres conférences ici ou là :

ENTERTAINMENT.-On Friday evening an instructive amusing entertainment was given in the schoolroom Mr. Charles W. Locke, of London. There was a good tendance and the subject of the lecture, "The Thames from Southend to its Source," was capitally illustrated on a large scale by some seventy or more panoramic photographs. At the close of the lecture some humorous characters were shown.

Tunbridge Wells Journal, jeudi 1er janvier 1885, p. 3.

La collaboration entre Charles W. Locke et Benjamin John Malden prend fin en 1887. En parallèle, Charles travaille aussi dans la fabrication d'optique (recensement 1891). Il va alors s'associer à Maskelyne & Cook qui se trouvent à l'Egyptian Hall :

Following this engagement I was for a long time associated with Messrs. Maskelyne & Cook at the old Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly; indeed, I gave over 3,000 consecutive performances at that popular place of amusement, which, I think, is an easy record for a single hall.

The Kinematograph & Lantern Weekly, Londres, 1er juillet 1909, p. 357.

Le cinématographe (1896-)

En mars 1896, l'Egyptian Hall, sous la houlette de John Nevil Maskelyne et David Devant, présente des vues animées avec un appareil acheté à Robert-William Paul. Tout naturellement, c'est Charles W. Locke qui est responsable de la lanterne de projection :

We varied kinematograph films with effect and other slides, having a special projection outfit for the latter. Mr. Maskelyne considered that they gave what he termed 'eye rest' and pleasantly varied the program.

The Kinematograph & Lantern Weekly, Londres, 1er juillet 1909, p. 357.

Lorsque les séances prennent fin à l'Egyptian Hall, à l'été 1896, David Devant met en place une structure afin d'exploiter les appareils de projection qu'il a acheté à Robert W. Paul. Il s'associe à Douglas Beaufort et confie à Charles W. Locke la direction de l'organisation des projections.

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The Era, Londres, 3 octobre 1896, p. 28.

et . Et dès la fin du mois de septembre 1896, il commence à organiser des séances qui le conduisent en Écosse : AberdeenPeterheadBrechinMontrose...



recensement 1901: “Optical lantern maker & photographer”

école de Charles W. Locke junior: (1912-1914): Londres


"Lantern Rays", The Kinematograph & Lantern Weekly, Londres, 1er juillet 1909, p. 357.



1871   resident 5 Southall Place, Southall, London, England
2 April 1871 ~22 census record 1871 Census of England and Wales, RG10/1311.33.30
– occupation “Wheelwright”
1880-1881   resident 53 Great Coram Street, London, England
3 April 1881 ~32 census record 1881 Census of England and Wales, RG11/319.46.9
– occupation “Assistant public lecturer”
1887-1895 ~37 partner D. Noakes & Son
1891   resident 12 Ormiston Road, Greenwich, London SE, England
5 April 1891 ~42 census record 1891 Census of England and Wales, RG12/513.125.14
– occupation “Manufacturing optician”
1895-1903 ~45 owner/proprietor C.W. Locke
8 February 1897 ~48 lantern operator [Travels in the far North] (lantern lecture, London, England, 8 February 1897)
1898-1899 ~48 director Nottingham Incandescent Lime Cylinder Syndicate
1901   resident Sunningdale, Woodville Road, New Barnet, London, England
31 March 1901 ~52 census record 1901 Census of England and Wales, RG13/1231.49.29
– occupation “Optical lantern maker & photographer”
1902-1906   resident Mossley House, 55 Sinclair Road, Kensington, London W, England
1907-1925   resident 182 Holland Road, Kensington, London W, England
2 April 1911 ~62 census record 1911 Census of England and Wales, RG14/87
– occupation “Photographer”
1925 ~75 died at Kensington, London W, England



26/09/1896 Grande-Bretagne Glenmuick House   Animated Photographs
28/09/1896-30/09/1896 Grande-Bretagne


Music Hall Animatographe/Cinematescope 
01/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne


Music Hall Cinematescope
02/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne Brechin   Cinematescope
03/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne Montrose Burg Hall Cinematescope
07/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne Elgin Music Hall Cinematescope
    Inverness Macduff, Elgin...