Dickson Greeting



Dickson Greeting


1 Edison (MU 4)  
2 W.K.L. DicksonWilliam Heise W.K.L. Dickson
To illustrate what he had said, Mr. Edison took one of the rolls of gelatine film which had been through the kinetograph and showed it to the reporter. On it was photographed one of the boys in his laboratory. The photographs were about half an inch square and were taken in the film at invervals of about one inch. They represented the boy in the act of taking off his hat and bowing. Between the first view and the last of the series the complete motion of removing the hat and making the bow was clearly discenable, but between any two consecutive views there was no apparent change in the position of the boy's arm or head. In the first view the boy's hand was at his side, gradually it was raised toward his head, and his head inclined forward. Then the hat was removed and the bow completed, after which the hat was replaced.
The Sun, New York, 28 mai 1891, p. 2.
3 < 28/05/1891  
4 États-Unis, West Orange  




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Photo-Engraving of a portion of the strip negative of the Kinetograph
Scientific American, vol. 24, nº 25, 20 June 1891, p. 393.

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