Arrivée d'un train à Melbourne (Australie)



Arrivée d'un train à Melbourne (Australie)

LUM 1897-2

Arrival of train at Melbourne

Another most interesting railway station scene similar to the preceding one, but showing a greater number of passengers alighting, also a train leaving the station.

MB 1898


1 Lumière 652 (AS 74) Maguire & Baucus 1652
2 Marius Sestier. H. W. Barnett.  
3 <24/11/1896 17 m
4 AustralieMelbourne  


24/11/1896 Australie, Melbourne Marius Sestier Arrival of a train, Hill Platform
First of all there is the arrival of a laden train at the Hill Platform, Flemington. All who had been "at the Cup" recognised the scene, and the view received a storm of applause.
The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, mercredi 25 novembre 1896, p. 6.
21/02/1897 FranceLyon Cinématographe Lumière Melbourne : arrivée d'un train
04/03/1897 FranceMarseille Cinématographe Lumière Train à Melbourne
05/05/1897 Australie. Brisbane. Telegraph Building Cinématographe Lumière Arrival of Train at Hill platform, Cup Day.
06/05/1897 FranceAix-en-Provence Cinématographe Lumière L'Arrivée d'un train à Melbourne
17/06/1897 AustralieMaryborough. Kent Street. W. PursehouseP. Pettitt Cinématographe Lumière Arrival of Train at Flemington. Melbourne Cup Day
09/12/1897 FranceSaumur Tavan L'arrivée d'un train en Australie
04/07/1899 Trinidad et Tobago, Port-of-Spain Giuseppe Filippi The arrival of the train at Melbourne
16/12/1899 Haïti, Port-au-Prince Giuseppe Filippi Arrivée d'un train, Melbourne