L'Homme à la tête en caoutchouc



L'Homme à la tête en caoutchouc

The Inflated Head

This beautiful and interesting subject is laid in a laboratory. The attendant experiments with a head, which he probably obtained from a local college. Placing the head on a rudely constructed stand, he applies an ordinary bellows to same and proceeds to inflate the head, which grows to enormous size. Turning off the valve the head remains in its present state, but as soon as he opens the valve it again becomes inanimate as before. Delighted with his experiment, he calls in the old alchemist, and repeats his operation until the head is about one-half larger than its natural size. The old man decides to experiment further and inflates the head to such proportions that it explodes, destroying every thing in the laboratory, and throwing both men, with much force, to the floor. The attendant, who recovers first, is so incensed that he punches the old man and finally kicks him from the room.

LUB 1903-01

El hombre o la cabeza de goma

MEL 1904-A

The Man with the Rubber Head

A chemist in his laboratory places upon a table his own head, alive; then fixing upon his head a rubber tube with a pair of bellows, he begins to blow with all his might. Immediately the head increases in size and continues to enlarge until it becomes truly colossal while making faces. The chemist, fearing to burst it, opens a cock in the tube. The head immediately contracts and resumes its original size. He then calls his assistant and informs him of his discovery. The assistant, wishing to experiment for himself, seizes the bellows and blows into the head with all his might. The head swells until it bursts with a crash, knocking over the two experimenters. The chemist, in a rage, seizes his assistant and throws him out of the window.

MEL 1905-A


1 Méliès 382-383  
2 Georges Méliès   
L'Homme à la tête en caoutchouc est un des rares trucs imaginés par moi qui n'a jamais pu être copié ; les autres furent reproduits sans vergogne.
 G.-M. Coissac, Histoire du Cinématographe, Paris, Cinéopse/Gauthier-Villars, 1925, p. 380.
3 1901 50 m/165 ft/160 ft (LUB 1903-01)
4 France, Montreuil-sous-Bois  


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G. Méliès
Paris, le 7 février 1906
Monsieur Caroli
382-383     L'homme tête Caoutchouc
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