Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Ottawa est la capitale du Canada.


Le Kinetoscope (Elgin Street/Sparks Street, <2->7 novembre 1895)

Les frères Holland ouvrent un kinetoscope parlor à l'angle des rues Elgin et Sparks :

Messers. Holland Bros., agents for Edison's Kinetoscope, are exhibiting ten machines at the corner of Elgin and Sparks streets, prior to shipping them to India and Japan. Do not fail to see Edison's latest novelty. It's perfectly wonderful.

The Evening journal, Ottawa, samedi 2 novembre 1895, p. 7.

Dans un nouvel article, le journaliste donne de nombreux détails sur le fonctionnement du kinetoscope parlor :

In the kinetoscope parlor at the corner of Sparks and Elgin streets, are ten machines, each of which reproduces a scene. You pay five cents for a ticket, which entities you to a view of any one scene of the ten. You hand it to the young lady in attendance, who turns an electric switch. Bend forward, keeping the eyes about two inches above the lorgnette; if you are accustomed to using glasses when you read, put them on, and the view will be clearer. The instant the electric current is turned on, a miniature electric lamp throws a brilliant light on the film within the box, and the photographs are electrified into life and motion. The scene lasts less than a minute, but in that time you can see every detail of it, even the changing expressions on the faces of the miniuature people who pass before your eyes. It is very wonderful, yet the process is so simple that the explanation can be understood by any child. The ten machines at the corner of Sparks and Elgin streets will be on exhibition for a few days only, and from here will be taken to Japan and India.

The Ottawa Journal, Ottawa, mardi 5 novembre 1895, p. 8.

Peu après, une nouvelle annonce :

Dancing and fencing scenes, etc., shown in the Kinetoscope Parlor at the corner of Sparks and Engin streets, continue to offer an excellent source of entertainment.

Ottawa Daily Citizen, Ottawa, jeudi 7 novembre 1895, p. 8.