Empire State Express



Empire State Express

AMB 1898-1905-01


1 American Mutoscope and Biograph Company  77  
2 n.c.  
3 < 13/10/1896 160 ft
4 États-Unis.


13/10/1896 États-UnisNew York. Olympia Music Hall   Empire State Express

The finest of all these pictures was one of the Empire State Express going at sixty miles speed. The train is seen coming out of a distant smoke cloud that, marks the beginning of a curve. The smoke puffs grow denser on the vision, and soon coach after coach whirrs to the front, and it seems as though the entire left-hand section of the house would soon be under the wheels that are racing for New-York. The cheers that greeted the picture and its repetition were as great as those for McKinley, and, in taking part in them, Mr. Daniels found his opportunity.

The New York Times, New York, mardi 13 octobre 1896, p. 5.

15/11/1896 États-Unis. Minneapolis. Bijou Theatre. Biograph Empire State Express
23/11/1896 États-Unis. Saint-Paul. Biograph Empire State Express train
28/11/1896 États-Unis. Buffalo. Biograph Empire State Express
28/11/1896 États-Unis. Rochester. Cook Opera House Biograph Empire State Express
29/11/1896 États-Unis. New Haven. Poli's Wonderland Theater. Biograph Empire State Express 
30/11/1896 États-Unis. Jamestown. Allen Theater Biograph Empire State Express
04/12/1896 États-Unis. Fredonia. Grand Opera House. Biograph Empire State Express
06/12/1896 États-Unis. Detroit. Wonderland. Biograph Empire Express Train
10/01/1897 États-UnisBoston. Keith's New Theatre Cinématographe Lumière Empire State Express 
30/01/1897 États-UnisNew York. Willard Hall Whiting Allen The Empire State Express
21/03/1897 États-UnisRochester. Wonderland. Biograph Empire State Express
05/05/1897 Grande-BretagneLondres. Palace Theatre of Varieties. American Biograph Empire State Express
23/08/1897 Australie. Sydney. Palace Theatre. Biograph United States express
<18/05/1898 États-Unis. New York. Union League Club Biograph Empire State Express