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New York est une ville de l'état de New York (États-Unis).


Le Kinetoscope (1155 Broadway, [14] avril->20 mai 1894)

new york 1894 kinetoscope The Sun Sun May 20 1894
The Sun, New York, dimanche 20 mai 1894, p. 10.

The latest of Wizard Edison's Invention, the kinetoscope, is on exhibition at 1.155 Broadway. Although the apparatus is to a considerable extent a resemblance to a toy that has long been a favorite with children, it has new features, and illustrates principles In photography, optical illusions, and electricity that render it of interest. Mr. Edison has succeeded in constructing a machine which brings a series of photographs before the eye with such great rapidity that the eye cannot detect the change from one photograph to the next. This produces the effect of lifelike action in the series of views. Ten views are now on exhibition. The first shows Sandow, the strong, performing his feats. Then there is a scene in a barber shop, in which a customer takes his place in a chair and the barber shaves him in regular style. Bertoldi, the contortionist, whose photograph is not more than an inch in length, gives one of her difficult exhibitions. There are a wrestling contest, a rooster fight, a Highland dance, an organ grinder with monkey, three blacksmiths at a forge, and a gymnast in a flying ring exercise. It may be said that the rooster fight is the most exciting of the views, but It Is more edifying to the men and boys than to the women and girl who visit the kinetoscope. Three blacksmiths at the forge are very lively in their movements, it being evident that they are impressed with the importance of striking while the iron is hot. They are thirsty after the iron is shaped, and each in turn takes a drink from a bottle in a manner amusing to the spectator Although the kinetoscope is far from being a perfect machine, it combines principles which Mr. Edison may greatly improve in the near future. The name of the machine is not an invention of the "Wizard." It is in the dictionary.

The Sun, New York, vendredi 25 mai 1984, p 2.

Le kinetoscope (Nassau Street near Fulton, <18> août 1894)

Un kinetoscope fonctionne sur Nassau Street :

The kinetoscope has caught the popular fancy, and I must confess being attracted towards it, in common with many people in New York, and it draws me like a load stone to a magnet. They are becoming more popular than any of Edison's other inventions for amusement, and while I made mention of this great invention last week. I can not refrain from again advising you to uncork your spare nickels and blow them in," to be exceedingly slangy, on the very first kinetoscope you see. There is one on Nassau Street near Fulton, which gives six rounds of a fight between two well known bullies, and looking at each round in this wonderful little machine, every motion is faithfully and truly portrayed. There is another kinetoscope up on Broadway near 29th Street, where the exhibition is more refined, and such things as a Highland dance, a performer on a wire. Sandows performance, and a skirt dance are well worth the money asked to see these figures as full of life, apparently, as if they were present.

Poughkeepsie Eagle-News, Poughkeepsie, samedi 18 août 1894, p. 2.

→ 1895

Le kinetoscope parlor (457 Fulton St., [16] août->12 septembre 1894)

En août, un kinetoscope parlor ouvre ses portes sur Fulton Stress :

Pictures of Moving Object to be Seen In the Wonderful Machine.
Edison's latest, and perhaps in many respects most wonderful invention, the Kinetoscope, is now on exhibition in this city at No. 457 Fulton street. The instrument presents to the watcher e perfect moving picture, or to be more explicit, a perfect picture of objects in motion. Not a movement is lost; the record of the scene is absolute.
Five scenes are displayed by Messrs. Maguire and Baucus, the South American agents of the machine. New scenes will be introduced each week. The visitor peers down into the first of the three oak boxes and sees Bertoldi, the contortionist, going through one of her acts at Koster & Bials'. The next scene is a Bowery barber shop, where the process of shaving and hair cutting is going on. Annabelle in the serpentine dance and Carmencita in her popular set are also exhibited. Perhaps the most perfect in its detail and the best adapted to the machine is the scene in a blacksmith's shop. The sparks from the anvil and the smoke from the forge are as distinct as life. The smiths forge a bolt while the visitor looks on.
As the readers of THE CITIZEN are aware, the effect of objects in motion is obtained by a series of photographs so rapidly revolved that it appears but a single picture. There are 700 of these pictures on a revolving strip of celluloid ninety feet in length. The machine is run by electricity. Mr. Edison says that he can photograph Niagara Falls so that it will be possible to produce a perfect picture of that sheet of moving water in the kinetoscope. A complete picture of Mike Leonard knocking out Jack Cushing will be ready in a few week.

The Brooklyn Citizen, Brooklyn, jeudi 16 août 1894, p. 4.

new york 1894 kinetoscope The Sun Sun May 20 1894
Times Union, Brooklyn, jeudi 23 août 1894, p. 5.

La presse évoque cette installation :

This interesting, amusing and remarkable invention of Mr. Edison's is now on exhibition at 457 Fulton street. One may see a horse shod, a man shaved and a woman execute a serpentine dance, and Carmencita twirl and a contortionist flex herself and a couple of game cocks fight. The impression is wonderfully like that of the figure in action, that it is hard to believe that it is produced by the rapid run of a strip of pictures.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, dimanche 26 août 1894, p. 5.

Le kinetoscope parlor compte 5 appareils :

The wizard of Menlo Park has outdone himself in his latest production, the Kinetoscope. Five machines are now on exhibition at 457 Fulton street. Five new subjects have been put in for this week.

The Brooklyn Citizen, Brooklyn, dimanche 2 septembre 1894, p. 3.