Chat gourmand



Chat gourmand

An Artful Cat

A man takes a seat ourside a Café and orders a glass of milk, which is brought him. Whilst reading his paper a cat jumps on the table and being unable to get his head into the glass dips in its paw and licks off the milk. This it continues to do, until the man puts down his paper and sees what has happened : he is furious and calls the proprietor to see the thieving propensities of his cat.

PAT 1904-08b

Gato goloso

PAT 1904-03


1 Pathé 1118  
2 n.c.  
3 ≤ 08/1904 25 m/82 ft
4 France  


06/10/1904 Espagne, Barcelone  Diorama Gato goloso
09/01/1905 EspagneValence Francisco Canal El gatito goloso
30/08/1905 EspagneValence Cinematógrafo de la Paz El gato goloso 
29/09/1905 Bolivie. La Paz José Casajuana Gato goloso