Arrival of S.S. Brighton at Manly 


Arrival of S.S. Brighton at Manly


1 Lumière n.c.  
2 Marius SestierHenry Walter Barnett.  
The closing day of the French cinematographe at the Salon Lumiere was marked by crowded audiences at every performance. After the day's work was ended M. Sestier exhibited the first tableau from a local subject yet made in Australia. Mr. H.W. Barnett (of Falk's) had joined M. Sestier in preparing the films, and a fine picture of the crowd disembarking from a Manly boat at Manly was the result. Afterwards the health of Messrs. Sestier and Barnett was toasted in acknowledgment of their artistic work, when the latter announced that a whole series of Australian scenes was in preparation, and that both at the Paris and London halls M. Lumiere would exhibit these pictures, and would thus put Sydney and Melbourne in touch with the great capitals named in a manner which could never have been approached but for the invention of this marvellous machine.

The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, mercredi 28 octobre 1896, p. 8.
  sestier marius 1896 carnet compte fragmentMarius Sestier. Carnet de compte.
3 <27/10/1896. 17 m
4 AustralieSydney. Manly.  


27/10/1896 Australie. Sydney. 237 Pitt-street Marius Sestier The Crowd Disembarking From a Manly Boat
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