Geisha Girls



Geisha Girls

A clever dance in Japonese costume by four pretty girls.

BIO 1902


1 American Mutoscope and Biograph Company  166  
2 n.c.  
3 <18/04/1897 135 ft./22 ft. Motoneria.
4 États-Unis. New York. Studio.


18/04/1897 États-Unis. Pittsburg. The Hopkins' Duquesne theater. Biograph Geisha Girls

Among the dozen or more pictures that will be shown by the biograph at the Hopkins-Duquesn theater this week is one illustrative of the Geisha girls. It displays three Japanese children giving a native dance.

The Pittsburg Press, Pittsburg, dimanche 18 avril 1897, p. 18.

21/08/1898 États-Unis. Philadelphie. Keith's. Biograph  Geisha Girls Dancing