A Bowery Cafe



A Bowery Cafe

This is a Bowery barroom. A tough girl comes in for a pail of beer. While the bartender is serving her, a loafer steals the free lunch and puts in his hat. The girl goes out and the loafer orders a drink; but not having the money to pay for it, he gets instead the contents of a siphon bottle squirted into his face.

BIO 1902


1 American Mutoscope & Biograph Company 155  
2 n.c. [Paul Gilmore]
3 <03/04/1897 152 ft/25 ft. Mostearon.
4 États-Unis. New York. Studio.


01/05/1897 États-Unis. Washington. Willard Hall. Biograph A New York Bowery cafe
24/10/1897 États-Unis. San Francisco. The Orpheum. Biograph In a Bowery Cafe