Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Glens Falls est une ville de l'état de New York (États-Unis)


Le kinetoscope (C. H. Hitchcock & Co., >28 décembre 1894)

À la fin du mois de décembre, on annonce la prochaine installation d'un kinetoscope dans l'établissement de C. H. Hitchcock & Co. :

It Would be an Interesting Novelty.
Many have doubtless heard of Edison's latest wonder, the kinetoscope, but few have more than a very indefinite conception of what it is. It shows a series of minute photographs, which were taken from living objects in motion. These photographs, printed on an endless band of film which passes under the field of a powerful magnifying glass, are flashed before the eye at the rate of forty-six a second. The changes are so rapid that the photographs present the illusion of living form. C. H. Hitchcock & Co. are making arrangements for exhibiting the kinetoscope at their store.

The Post-Star, Glens Falls, vendredi 28 décembre 1894, p. 4.