Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Helena est une ville de l'état du Montana (États-Unis).


Le kinetoscope de Morris Moriarity (3 North Main street, 8->16 décembre 1894)

Le kinetoscope est inauguré le 8 décembre sur la North Main street :

The Kinetoscope
The store room at Nº 3 North Main street is being fitted up for exhibition of the Kinetoscope, and iti is intented by the manager G. W. Walters, to open it to the public this afternoon.

The Independent-Record, Helena, samedi 8 décembre 1894, p. 2.

La presse locale va consacrer un long article au kinetoscope :

Special to The Miner.
Helena, Dec. 10.-The most marvelous device that has yet sprung from the fertile chambers of Tom Edison's wonderful brain has just been placed on exhibition in Helena and for the past 48 hours has been a source of increasing attraction to the curious and art-loving public. The artifice is known as the kinetoscope and it is at once the most fascinating of the practical evidences of the inventor's amazing creative genius that has ever yet been seen. When the phonograph breathed forth from its waxen cylinder its first mystic mockery of human speech, its elfish parody of laughter and song, and its weird response to all the million vagaries of sound, it was believed that the very limit of inventive cunning had been reached, but what the phonograph did in paraphrasing sound the kinetograph has done in caricaturing motion, and it is the fin-de-siecle achievement in the field of modern discovery and interpretive art.
Two of the machines, in charge of Mrs. S. W. Walters, who has long been identified in the phonograph business in the state, have been set up here and have already been inspected by hundreds of delighted persons. They are in upright oaken cabinets and are run by the ordinary storage battery. An endless ribbon covered with a peculiar film, upon which a series of instantaneous photographic views have been imprinted, passes over a succession of spools and is carried across the disc upon which the beholder looks through a large slot. The machinery is set in motion and the image is presented to the eye under the brilliant glare of an incandescent four-candle power lamp. The effect is to bring out the recurrent movements of the object reflected, as upon the silver surface of an old fashioned daguereotype. In one a ballet girl is seen in the rapid évolutions of the skirt dance, in the other a cock fight Is in progress. Every movement is not only faithfully copied in the first, but the changing expressions of the face are brought forth with lifelike fidelity, while the duel of the birds is startling in its realism.
The Helena Choral union are preparing for the presentation of the oratorio, "The Messiah," for some time in the winter, under the masterly leadership of Mr. S. W. Jackson, whose excellent qualities as a director are known and very widely recognized.

The Butte Miner, Montana, mardi 11 décembre 1894, p. 1.

Le propriétaire du kinetoscope est Morris Moriarity :

Morris Moriarity of Saratoga, N. Y., is exhibiting Edison's latest wonder, the kinetoscope, at Pullar & Nivens's store on Main street. The kinetoscope shows a series of minute photographs which were taken from living objects in motion. These photographs are painted on an endless band of film, which passes under the field of a powerful magnifying glass and are flashed before the eye at a speed of 46 per second. The two scenes exhibited here are the famous females contortionists and the blacksmith shop scene. The machine is exceedingly interesting and hundreds of people saw it yesterday.
The many friends of Mrs. Alfred Hills of Grand street will be pleased to learn that she is convalescent.

Hartford Courant, Hartford, mercredi 12 décembre 1894, p. 8.