Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Paterson est une ville de l'état du New Jersey (États-Unis).


Le Kinetoscope (136 Market street, <21> novembre 1894)

Le kinetoscope fonctionne au Companys Office, Market street, en novembre :

The Kinetoscope.
The wonderful kinetoscope, on exhibition for a short time at the companys office 136 Market street (ground floor), is attracting much attention. The office is open all day and until late at sight, but every minute of the day the kinetoscopes are is use. It parents will send or bring their children the best time would be in the afternoon. Then the attendants would be more at leisure to explain the wonderful machine that shows men and women moving, talking, acting as the machine caught and photographed not only their features but all the motions of their bodies probably months ago. Five cents only is charged. There are also phonographs where songs of great singers and speeches of great speakers are reproduced and where one can hear a song by Patti or one of Levy's cornet solos.

The News, Paterson, mercredi 21 novembre 1894, p. 6.