Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Pittsfield est une ville de l'état du Massachusetts (États-Unis).


L'Amet Magniscope (Academy of Music, 26 avril-2 mai 1897)

La Sawtelle's Dramatic Co. présente un spectacle où figure l'Amet Magniscope :

Sawtelle's Dramatic Co.
The above well known powerful dramatic company, comprising over 30 people, including the Imperial band and orchestra will commence a week's engagement at the Academy of Music next Monday night, opening in the strong, sensational and realistic six act drama, "The Streets of New York." The company has an entire carload of special scenery, stage settings, costumes, etc., with which they dress the stage in perfect keeping with each act. There will be daily matinees after Monday, and cheap prices will prevail. See advertisement in this paper for list of plays for the week. A great feature of each performance will be the "up-to-date" animated pictures by the wonderful "amet-magniscope." They are indeed marvelously realistic.

The Berkshire Eagle, Pittsfield, samedi 24 avril 1897, p. 1.

pittsfield 1897 magniscope
The Berkshire Eagle, Pittsfield, samedi 24 avril 1897, p. 4.