Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Meadville est une ville de l'état de Pennsylvanie (États-Unis).


L'Amet Magniscope (Academy, [25] décembre 1896)

L'Amet Magniscope propose des vues animées en décembre :

Delighful Christmas Entertainment by the Edison Vitascope.
The Christmas entertainment by the wonderful Edison Vitoscope proved a very gratfying success, both in point of attendance and in the general character of the exhibition. There was a large and well pleased matinee audience, and almost a full house in the evening.
Some of the views shown here on the first appearance of the Vitoscope were repeated, as were also several which were shown by the Amet Magniscope, but they were all interesting, and there were enough new views to make the entertainment pleasing for these who had seen the others. Rev. Dugan announced the scenes as they were to appear, and nearly every picture was warmly applauded. The ocean beach scene, the run to the fire, the stable fire and the rescue of the horses, the Black Diamond express, and a number of others were exceptionally fine scenes. The Black Diamond express and fire scenes were so much appreciated that they were repeated at the close of the program. The cadet cavalry drill at West Point was an excellent reproduction, although it seemed a little awkward to see a troop of United States cavalry carrying their swords in their left hands. The serpentine dance was exceedingly pretty, being given with calcium light effects.
Very much was added to the pleasure of the entertainment by the delightful piano music, played by Mrs, George W. DixSon, of the Beethoven School of Music, and Mrs. Arthur Leberman, most of the numbers being in dust. The music was all appropriate to the scene it accompanied, imparting a most pleasing effect.

The Evening Republican, Meadville, samedi 26 décembre 1896, p. 2.