9th U.S. Cavalry Watering Horses



9th U.S. Cavalry Watering Horses

Taken at Tampa, Fla. Up the road from the camp cornes a double file o cavalrymen, a hundred or more, each man leading another horse beside his own. The leader rides a magnificent dapple gray.They approach at a fast walk, with an occasional frisky animal prancing and pirouetting. As they pass by, the spirited action reminds one forcibly of Rosa Bonheur's celebrated 100,000 dollar painting, "The Horse Fair." The figures of bath men and horses stand out in bold relief.

War Extra: Edison Films, 20/05/1898.


1 Edison n.c. (MU 555). William Paley.  
2 William Paley  
3 01-13/05/1898. © Thomas A. Edison, 20/05/1898. 100 ft
4 États-UnisTampa.  




0555(mu) 01
Rosa Bonheur, Le Marché aux chevaux (1852-1855). Huile sur toile. 2,44 m x 5,07 m.
Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)