The Arrival of Li Hung Chang


The Arrival of Li Hung Chang

Shows Li Hung Chang entering his carriage at the door of the Waldorf Hotel, with a file of the Sixth. U.S. Cavalry, with drawn sabres, standing near by.

The Phonoscope 11/1896.


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2 [William Heise]. James White Li Hung Chang 
When Li Hung Chang visited Grant's tomb in 1896 White was there with his kinetoscope. His machine secured circumstantial evidence that four of New York's finest were subjected to the unspeakable humiliation of carrying what in police lingo is known as a "chink," which being interpreted signifies that they carried the chair of the distingu[i]shed Chinese Statesman. Newspapers sympathized and condoled with the outraged policemen, but the disgrace never can be wiped out. Mr. White gave Li Hung Chang a private exhibition of the kinetoscope."
Around the world with a Kinetoscope", Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York, dimanche 31 décembre 1899, p. 17. [Il existe une transcription du texte dans la revue The Phonogram, nº 8, décembre 1900 (p. 79-81) et nº 9, janvier 1901 (p. 113-116).
3 29/08/1896 50 ft
4 États-Unis. New York.




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Li Hung Chang leaving The Waldorf (août 1896).