S.S. "Coptic" Running Against the Storm



S.S. "Coptic" Running Against the Storm

The view point of this picture is midships, straight ahead and shows the vessel running head-on through the heavy sea that still prevails. The bow of the vessel is plainly shown, with one of the crew stationed at his post as lookout. As the vessel runs into the heavy billows, the water breaks in huge volumes over the prow and is dashed into clouds of spray. A monster wave cornes along and the lookout disappears, but bobs up the next moment; and the water may be seen running in streams from the deck. This is a very sharp and clear photograph.

Edison 1898/05/20


1 Edison n.c. (MU 498).  
2 James White. Frederick Blechynden  
3 [13]/02/1898. © Thomas A. Edison, 21/04/1898 50 ft
4 Océan Pacifique.