Mount Tamalpais R.R., nº 2



Mount Tamalpais R.R., nº 2

Taken on the line of the Mount Tamaltais [sic] Scenic R.R., Marin County, Cal. This was taken from a flat car immediately following the engine. On the front end of the flat car is seen a lady, whose feathers and ribbons flutter in the wind, also a brakeman, who from time to time sets up or loosens the brake as the grades demand. The background is a panoramic view of the hills and valleys as the train ascends the mountain and winds around the curves. In different points of the film the engine takes up all the foreground and the working of the piston rods and revolving of the wheels are distinctly seen. The effect is very pleasing. Sharp and clear.

Edison 15/03/1898


1 Edison n.c. (MU 489).  
2 James White. Frederick Blechynden  
3 25/01-02/02/1898. © Thomas A. Edison, 10/03/1898 50 ft
4 États-Unis. Mount Tamalpais.