Mount Tamalpais R.R., nº 1



Mount Tamalpais R.R., nº 1

Taken on the line of the Mount Tamaltais [sic] Scenic R.R. , Marin County, Cal. This scene was taken from the rear end of a train. The train on which the camera is placed moves forward and is followed by another train, engine first, with two men standing on the cow-catcher. From this a receding effect is produced, but the engine with the men on the cow-catcher are constantly in the immediate foreground. The depot gradually recedes from view, while immense mountains loom up in the background. The effect is extremely novel. Sharp and clear.

Edison 15/03/1898


1 Edison n.c. (MU 488).  
2 James White. Frederick Blechynden  
3 25/01-02/02/1898. © Thomas A. Edison, 10/03/1898 50 ft
4 États-Unis. Mount Tamalpais.