California Limited, A.T. & S.F.R.R.


California Limited, A.T. & S.F.R.R.

Shows an engine and five cars approaching from quite a distance. Taken at Santa Anita, Cal., at the well-known ranch of "Lucky" Baldwin, on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe R.R. Shows an engine with one combination and four passenger cars approaching at a high rate of speed.The train is seen for a long distance, and finally passes very close to the camera. A good scene of an ever popular train subject. A sharp, clear film.

Edison 15/03/1898


1 Edison n.c. (MU 476).  
2 James White. Frederick Blechynden  
3 [01-03]/01/1898. © Thomas A. Edison, 24/02/1898 50 ft

A kinetoscope picture of the California Limited, while nearing Santa Anita at the rate of sixty miles per hour, has just been taken by James H. White of Edison's kinetoscope staff. It will be exhibited all over the United States in various exhibitions.

Los Angeles Evening Express, Los Angeles, lundi 21 février 1898, p. 7.

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