Fan Dance


Fan Dance

Characteristic Spanish dance by Lola Yberri.

Maguire & Baucus 04/1897


1 Edison 13 (MU 146). Alfred Clark. Raff & Gammon. Maguire & Baucus 13
2 William Heise. Lola Yberri
Another dance will be brought out by Lolo [sic] at Eden Musée this week-a typical Spanish one. The step varies from the graceful slow and wavelike movements of the Spanish glide to the rapid, vivacious action in the castanet and tambourine dances. Yberri's mantilla will be of red lined with yellow, the Spanish colors.
New York Herald, New York, 20 mai 1894, p. 2.
3 [09/1895] 50 ft 
4 États-Unis. West Orange. Black Maria.