Full Dress Parade



Full Dress Parade

Thirteenth Infantry, U.S.A., marching with the regimental band.

BIO 1902


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3 11-16/01/1897 311 ft/54 ft. Morangal.
4 États-Unis. New York.


24/01/1897 États-Unis. Boston. Keith's Theatre. Biograph The 13th infantry, U S A. on dress parade
The 13th infantry, U S A, has been photographed for the biograph, which is being exhibited at Keith's. The picture shows the regiment on full dress parade and maneuvering at Governor's Island, N Y. This is the first in a series that will be exhibited, and will prove very interesting to military men.
The Boston Globe, Boston, dimanche 24 janvier 1897, p. 23.
09/02/1897 États-Unis. Pittsburgh. Hopkins' Duquesne Theater Biograph Dress parade of the Seventeenth United States Infantry at Governors island
05/05/1897 Grande-BretagneLondres. Palace Theatre of Varieties. American Biograph Full Dress Parade
18/05/1898 États-Unis. New York. Union League Club Biograph Full Dress Parade, Governors Island