Parade. Canton. Ohio: Sound Money Club



Parade. Canton. Ohio: Sound Money Club

AMB 1898-1905-01


1 American Mutoscope and Biograph Company  76  
2 n.c.  
3 18/09/1896 349 ft. Mollipes.
4 États-Unis. Canton.


15/11/1896 États-Unis. Minneapolis. Bijou Theatre. Biograph McKinley and Hobart Parade
04/12/1896 États-Unis.Fredonia. Grand Opera House. Biograph  McKinley and Hobart Parade at Canton, Ohio 

McKinley and Hobart Parade at Canton, Ohio—note antics of the now famous Racoon which is carried upon a pole alongside of Hobart's Portrait, and Major McKinley at Home. After having entertained representatives of the New York Sound Money Delegation, he walks across his lawn, receives, opens, and with a look of joy, reads a telegram from the Republican National committee informing him that he has carried "The Golden East" and several doubtful States, after which he bows to a lot of enthusiastic admirers as they doff their hats, cheer, and wave their hands and handkerchiefs, etc. In the different political parades, at Canton, to be seen, are those from every section of the United States, and the faces of many Prominent Men from this vicinity will be recognized.

Dunkirk Evening Observer, Dunkirk, mercredi 2 décembre 1896, p. 8.