Théâtrograph ou Animatographe


1 Robert W. Paul  
2 02/03/1896   
3 Grande-Bretagne  
4 GB 4686.  




The Theatrograph, which is an apparatus for exhibiting to any number of spectators short passages from different plays or other scenes, with the figures in natural movement and life size, was shown publicly l for the first time at the annual conversazione at Finsbury Technical College on Thursday last, in the presence of a large and enthusiastic audience. The pictures are produced from instataneous photographs taken at the rate of 1,000 to 1,500 per minute on an endless film, similar to that used in the Kinetoscope. One of the scenes shown (of which there were five size of the screen, it was impossible to represent them in in life size, as is ordinarily done. The maker, Mr. Paul, of Hatton-garden, intends during the summer season to reproduce short passages, lasting, say, one minute each, from select plays, which will be shown at exhibitions, &c., as an attraction for the various theatres.

Reynolds's Newspaper, Londres, samedi 23 février 1896, p. 4.