Kinematographic apparatus

1896 02 19 short


Kinematographic apparatus

Relates to mechanism for giving an intermittent feed to the ribbons of zoetropic apparatus. The ribbon l is actuated by a drum g with pegs which gear into perforations in the ribbon. The drum g is actuated by worm gearing, part of the thread of the screw or worm d being cut away. The axis c of the worm d is rotated continuously and imparts a continuous rotation to the drum g, till the gap in the screw thread comes over the worm wheel. The ribbon then remains stationary for a short time while the exposure is made. The shutter consists of a rotating disc a (with several apertures) on the axis c. · The mechanism is applicable for photography or optical projection.

Patents for inventions. Abridgment Class Photography, 1896, p. 130.


1 Henry William Short  
2 19/02/1896  
3 Grande-Bretagne  
4 G.B. 3777