Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Rugby est une ville anglaise (Grande-Bretagne). 


The Velograph (Town Hall, 7-9 octobre 1897)

Le Velograph présente des vues animées à la Town Hall en octobre :

THE VELOGRAPH—One of the most interesting inventions of the day—to people generally—is the velograph, by means of which scenes and incidents that take place far away can be reproduced with all their life-like reality and movement. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week our readers have had opportunities of seeing the velograph at the Town Hall. Among the pictures produced were the Royal procession in London and other functions at the Diamond Jubilee, episodes of the Green-Turkish War, and a miscellaneous selection varied each evening. The pictures were successfully presented, but a more rapid manipulation of the mechanical apparatus in some instances would perhaps make them still better, and do greater justice to the photographic artist. The entertainment is varied with recitations, humorous and otherwise, by Mr. J. Blascheck, the Australian monologue entertainer. Those who desire to pass a couple of hours pleasantly should go and see the velograph.

Rugby Advertiser, samedi 9 octobre 1897, p. 4.