Cameras. Lens Fittings

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Cameras. Lens Fittings

Cameras; lens fittings.~Relates to a method of mounting the lens on a camera or magic lantern so that the axis of the lens always remains radial to a centre in the focal plane when the lens is laterally displaced. The front i, Fig. 6, of the camera lies on the surface of a sphere whose centre lies in the focal plane. The flange h of the lens mount is correspondingly shaped. to fit on the surface i. Two parallel slots l, are made in the flange h and through these are passed grinding and clamping screws k, k. In modifications, the flange h is clamped between two spherical surfaces.

Patents for inventions. Abridgment Class Photography, 1896, p. 151.


1 A. Wrench   
2 20/06/1896  
3 Grande-Bretagne  
4 13.674