The Gran Kinematograph/The Velograph

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The Grand Kinematograph/The Velograph

"An improved Apparatus for Taking Photographs in Quick Succession and Projecting them on a Screen."

Kinematographic apparatus.-:- Relates to mechanism for actuating the ribbon of and apparatus for taking or projecting animated views. The feed rollers B, B1 are actuated by a wheel F gearing with both the rollers. The wheel F is actuated, by a cam groove on the face of the disc G, which gears with a sprocket f1 on the wheel. Part of the cam groove on G is concentric with the axis of G, and causes no advance of the ribbon when the disc rotates. The rest of the cam groove is spiral and causes a rapid advance of the ribbon between exposures. A rotary shutter D of the usual type is used.

Patents for inventions. Abridgment Class Photography, 1896, p. 185.


1 G. H. Harrison et T. J. Harrison  
2 01/08/1896  
3 Grande-Bretagne  
4 GB 17.049  


À partir du mois de juin, le "grand kinematograph", prévu pour des films 70mm,  va être adapté afin de pouvoir recevoir des films en 35 mm, et est désormais désigné sous le nom de "Velograph".

1897 velograph 3
This is handled by the Velograph Syndicate, Limited of Croydon.
Iti if fitted with a Gweyr jet and Dallmeyer short focus lens.
Magic Lantern Journal, Almanac & Annual 1897-8, p. 122.

1897 06 velograph
The Photographic Dealer, juin 1897, p. XXV.

Un exemplaire est conservé à la Cinémathèque française.

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The Velograph (1897)
source: Cinémathèque française