William, George BARKER

(Hertford, 1868-Wimbledon, 1951)

Jean-Claude SEGUIN


William, Emanuel Barker (1844-<1893) épouse Sarah, Ann Theobalds (1846-) Descendance:

  • William, George Barker (Hertford, 18/01/1868, bap. 16/02/1868-Wimbledon, 06/11/1951) épouse (Londres, 07/07/1897) Mary, Alice Edwards (Londres, 25/11/1866-[1923]). Descendance:
    • Cyril, Kenneth Barker (Londres, 1900-Esplanade Bognor Rgis, 1986) épouse (Ealing, 12/12/1931) Beatrice, Amy Gold
    • Constance Winefred Barker (Londres, 14/03/1903-Southwark, 1974) épouse Walton.
    • Ernest Douglas Barker (Londres, 1905-Ile de Wight, 1981)
    • Sarah Ann Barker
  • Alfred, Henry Barker (Depford, 02/06/1870, bapt. 18/09/1870-) épouse (Chelsea, 02/04/1893) Mary Alcock ([1867]). Descendance :
    • Winnie, Eliese Barker ([1894]-)
    • Roger Kumber Barker ([1897]-)
    • William Geo Barker ([1900]-)
    • Kieth Cecil Alfred Barker ([1907]-)
    • Cathaleen, Elizabeth, Margaret Barker ([1910]-)


Fils d'un employé de commerce, William, George Barker 

recensement 1871 (Londres)

recensement 1881 (Londres)

The evening was devoted to high-class entertainment, given under the direction of Mr. H. Glenister. The programme included a cinematograph display, under the management of a representative of the Autoscope Company, ventriloquial performances by Mr. Sydney Gandy, also conjuring entertainments and a punch and judy show.Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser, samedi 10 janvier 1903, p. 8.

For the past ten years the Children's Sunbeam Society of South Australia has raised a special fund for the purpose of giving a dinner about Christmas time, to a number of their poorer little brothers and sisters in the East-end of London.
A series of animated pictures was shown by the Autoscope Company, and watched with the greatest delight, while selections of music were rendered by the Boys' Band from the Poplar Day industrial School, and the Ashley Mission Drill Choir sang.London Evening Standard, Londres, mercredi 6 janvier 1904, p. 7.

The whole of the employés of the Mayor, Counciller H. R. Taylor, L.C.C., on Friday, to assemble at the Public Baths in Church-street to enjoy a grand concert, which was thoughtfully provided by the Mayor and Mayoress.
The Autoscope Company gave an entertaining series of cinematograph pictures.South London Press, Londres, samedi 16 avril 1904, p. 3.

The Autoscope Company have brought to our notice an extremely tragic production of theirs entitled " Vengeance is Mine." This is, as they very rightly describe it, a " thrilling melodrama "in nine scenes. The acting leaves nothing to be desired, and some of the scenery shown in the picture is extremely pretty. The way in which the villain of the story finally meets his deserts is extremely realistic, and we must congratulate these gentlemen upon the manner in which they have dealt with the theme.Talking Machine News, mercredi 1er juin 1904, p. 53.


How cinematograph pictures of country scenes are obtained was shown at Barnet County Courts yesterday in a case in which William George Barker, Autoscope Company, Gray's Inn-road, was cast in £5 damages and costs for trespassing at Rowley Green Farm, Arkley. Mr. Pools, solicitor for Mr. King, farmer, stated that Mr. Barker drove op with two van loads of people on September 21, entered a field, untethered the horses, and trod down the aftermath. No permission had been asked. Defendant admitted that he had done wrong in entering the field, but thought the case would be met without going into court by paying £1 to a local hospital. He had only two waggonettes and thirteen persons all told. They took eleven or twelve thousand photographs, but did not roam over the whole fifteen acres in the field.The Morning Port, mercredi 23 novembre 1904, p. 3.

After the dinner there was a lantern entertainment, "A Visit to the Moon," given by the Autoscope Company. Among the visitors were Julia, Marchioness of Tweddale (who was accompanied by Major Evans Gordon, M.P.), Mr. J. F. Shorey, Mr. Strauss, L.C.C., Mr. John Kirk, and Mr. Curwen Secretary of the Great Assembly Hall. Undoubtedly the children had a merry time.Daly News, Londres, mercredi 14 janvier 1903, p. 6.

William George Barker and Herbert Holmes Wrench (trading as the Autoscope Company), Warwick-court, Holborn, cinematographers.The Morning Post, samedi 14 septembre 1907, p. 7.

Applications for Patents.
11,132.-William George Barker, 55 Chancery Lane, London. Improved cinematograph film feeding-mechanism.The Bioscope, jeudi 27 mai 1909, p. 46.

Patent's Specifications.
No 23,153, 1908 (accepted 28th October, 1909).-Improved Means for Securing Synchronous Movement in Moving Picture and Talking Machines.-William George Barker and William Cecil Jeapes, both of 117, Charing Cross Road, London.The Bioscope, jeudi 25 novembre 1909, p. 35.

Memories of the Autoscope Co.
" When did things begin to settle down to something like present day conditions ? " our representative asked.
"That is very difficult to say" replied Mr. Ward. "The change has come gradually without our noticing it. Personally I always reckon a stage in the trade's development from the time I joined Messrs. Will Barker and Herbert Wrench at the old Autoscope Co., though that is a good long time ago. I remember when I was at the Autoscope being sent out to take a film in company with Mr. Charles Raymond. It was two hundred feet long, and the cast included about a dozen artistes, but when I found that it had cost £3 155., I fully expected to get the sack. Later on, when the Autoscope Co. was merged in the Warwick Trading Co., I managed the hire department for the latter firm. Most of the men who were then with the Warwick Trading Co. are well known in the industry to-day, including Mr. McDowell, of the B. and C. Co. (the official War Office kinematographer), Mr. Jack Smith, of Barker's, Mr. Mainwaring of the Western Import Co., and Mr. Scott, of the American Co."A Pioneer of the Film Industry. Mr. E. Ward, of Unicorn Films, Chats about the Old Days.", The Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly, 17 août 1916, p. 27. 

recensement 1911 (Londres)

recensement 1911: Alfred. travaille également dans le monde du cinéma.

Mr. William George Barker, managing director of Barker Motion Photography, said that he had actual experience in taking pictures of hunting scenes, and had taken pictures of whale-hunting. If a good film had been taken by Mr. Howes it would have been worth about £2000 to £3000.London Evening Standard, Londres, mercredi 12 mars 1913, p. 12.