Bird Nesting


Bird Nesting

"Bird Nesting" is another subject of the Walturdaw Company. It has all the photographic qualities of the last-mentioned film, and is thoroughly interesting throughout. Three children are shown going through the hedges in search of nests. They find several, and make off with them when the farmer comes up with a whip. .Next they are shown approaching the fowl house at their home. The hen is sitting and the children contrive to slip the eggs they have gathered among the rest. This is a very pretty scene indeed, as is the further one showing, " 18 days after," the children removing the fledglings from their foster-mother, and the film as a whole is one of the daintiest we have seen, a marked absence of flicker being one of its prominent characteristics.

The Optical Lantern and Kinematograph Journal, samedi 15 septembre 1906, p. 202.


1 Walturdaw  
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3 <08/09/1906 225 ft
4 Grande-Bretagne