The Naval Review at Spithead


The Naval Review at Spithead


1 Wrench  
2 Alfred Wrench/Phil & Bernard  

Jubilee Animated Pictures.—Mr. Alfred Wrench obtained an excellent series of pictures of the Jubilee procession last month from a fine position at the corner of King William Street, E.C. The cinematograph used was that patented by him and extensively used through-out Great Britain. The directors of the Alhambra Theatre, ever anxious to have everything of the best, have secured the exclusive right for two months of exhibiting these pictures within a prescribed radius. The film on which the pictures are printed is about one thousand feet long, and includes the seventeen carriages forming the Queen’s procession. Mr. Wrench has also obtained cinematograph pictures of the Naval Review at Spithead.

The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger, vol.8, nº 99, août 1897, p. 126.

3 26/06/1897  
4 Grande-Bretagne. Spithead.  


08/07/1896 Grande-Bretagne. Londres.    

At the Alhambra last night there was presented a fine series of vies of the Diamond Jubilee Procession, taken by Messrs. Phil and Barnard's Cinematograph (under Wrench's patent). there views, which are on a large scale, and for the exhibition of which the management of the Alhambra have obtained the exclusive right in London, bring before  the eye in a very striking manner all the principal features of the gorgeous pageant. They were loudly cheered, ans when her Majesty's carriage came into view the applause was exceendingly enthusiastic. The Alhambra programme is altogether good.

The London Evening Standard, Londres, vendredi 9 juillet 1897, p. 6.