Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Keith est une commune d'Écosse (Grande-Bretagne). 


Le cinématographe de Paul Robello (Longmore Hall, jeudi 10 décembre 1896)

Paul Robello offre une représentation cinématographique au Longmore Hall en décembre :

Animated Photographs.—On Thursday the cinematograph made its first appearance in Keith, when there was a large audience in the Longmore Hall. The cinematograph, which was under the charge of Mr Paul Robello, of Messrs Walker, Aberdeen, was the outstanding feature of the programme, and as picture succeeded picture the wonder, astonishment, and delight of the audience found vent in hearty outbursts of applause, the most popular pictures being those of "A Scene at a local Railway Station," " The Bathers," " Leap Frog," &c. The solists were Miss Jessie G. Robertson and Mr William Arthur, both of whose contributions to the programme were very much enjoyed. Mr Hamish Beveridge's illuminated lecture on British enterprise in South Africa was an appreciated item, and his reference to Dr Jameson's famous but ill-fated dash into the Transvaal with the descriptive pictures thrown on the screen was of a highly interesting nature. "Auld Lang Syne" concluded a very enjoyable evening.

Banffhire Herald, Keith, samedi 12 décembre 1896, p. 4.