An Egyptian bullock pump; drawing water


An Egyptian bullock pump; drawing water

PAU 1897-03


1 Paul 42 (1897)  
2 Henry William Short  
Mr. Paul’s photographer has returned from a tour in Egypt with a series of 12 interesting and characteristic pictures taken in that country. In addition to local views, these include the annual procession of the Holy Carpet leaving Cairo for Mecca; a caravan of camels arriving at the Pyramids; Arab women fetching water from the Nile, and several pictures representing native industries and amusements, including:—Arab knife-grinders, cigarette-makers, fishermen, sawyers, and a native bullock-pump in work. The series of pictures will probably be produced for the first time next week the Oxford Music Hall.
Globe, Londres, samedi 24 avril 1897, p . 3.
3 <26>/03/1897  
4 Egypte.