Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Healdsburg est une ville de Californie (États-Unis). 


Le kinetoscope de Peter Bacigalupi (Powell Street, <16> mai 1895)

Peter Bacigalupi installe ses quatre kinetoscopes afin de présenter le combat de Corbett contre Courtney :

The Edison kinetoscope, the most wonderful of all the great wizard's inventions, is exhibited for the first time in Healdsburg. There are four machines, reproducing the Corbett-Courtnev prize fight, a serpentine dance, a bucking horse ridden and an altercation between two darkeys. All are distinctly seen in each movement and are very amusing. Peter Bacigalupi, the proprietor, has rented the building next to Peters’ saloon on Powell street for the exhibition of the kinetoscope, after some unnecessary difficulty.

Healdsburg Tribune, Healdsburg, jeudi 16 mai 1895, p.  8.