Douglas BROAD dit Douglas BEAUFORT

(St Pancras, 1862-Londres, 1939)

beaufort douglas portrait

Jean-Claude SEGUIN


Walter Broad (Falmouth, [1834]-Edmonton, 01/1914) épouse Margaret Parker Swain. (Heversham, [1836]-Eastbourne, 22/09/1917). Descendance:

  • Douglas Edward Walter Broad (a) Douglas Beaufort (St Pancras, 08/1862/bapt. 17/09/1862-Londres, 13/04/1939).
    • épouse (divorce 1900) Matilda Louisa Usher (Holloway, [1860]-). Descendance:
      • Violet Nellie Margaret Broad (18/09/1885-)
      • Dorothy Agnes Broad (Hornsey, 19/01/1887-)
    • épouse Kate Elizabeth (Manchester, [1867]-Maidstone, 01/12/1958)
      • Kathleen Winifred Alicia Beaufort (Londres, 18/09/1905-Bath and North East Somerset, 08/1996)
  • Fitzgerald Walter Broad (St Pancras, 01/1865-Sydney, 12/01/1922) épouse Effie Mary Smale (Melbourne, [1867]-). Descendance :
  • Duncan Hamilton Waller Broad (St Pancras, [1870]-Londres, 17/01/1942) épouse Frances Mary Appleton ([1871]-)
  • Margaret Louisa Waller Broad (Finsbury Tack, [1874]-Arlesley, 14/03/1928)


Fils d'un employé de chemin de fer (recensement 1871 et recensement 1881), Douglas Edward Walter commence à se faire connaître dans les années 1880:

[...] Mr. Douglas Beaufort gave an amusing ventriloquial entertainment.

Kent Times, samedi 21 mai 1887, p. 4.

Il multiplie les représentations en Grande-Bretagne et connaît une réelle notoriété. Il attire ainsi l'attention des autorités et est invité à rejoindre la Mission Britannique qui se rend à Fez en 1891. Cette même année, Douglas Beaufort réside toujours à Londres avec sa famille (recensement 1891).

beaufort douglas 1891 maroc
"Douglas Beaufort baffling the Sultan of Marocco when he went with the British mission to Fez in 1891."
Milbourne Christopher, Magic. A Picture History, New York, Dover Publications, Inc., 1962, p. 146.

Douglas Beaufort, long a London society entertainer, went with Sir William Kirby Green’s British mission to Fez in 1891. His magic so astonished the Sultan of Morocco that through-out the performance he kept murmuring “Allah imtahal al Shitan!” Later Beaufort learned a literal translation was “God burn the devil!”

Milbourne Christopher, Magic. A Picture History, New York, Dover Publications, Inc., 1962, p. 146.

Il connaît alors un succès international qui le conduit en Afrique du Sud en 1894 :

MR LIONEL BROUGH, Mr Luscombe Searelle, and Mr Douglas Beaufort were entertained at dinner previous to their departure for South Africa, by the Anglo-African Writers'Club, at Previtali's Hotel on Monday. some forty writers and journalists connected with Africa were present, and the distinguished guests had a very hearty "send-off." Mr Brough, of course, told some of his good stories.

The Era, Londres, samedi 17 novembre 1894, p. 10.

Il est de retour du Cap, en février 1895, à Southampton.

The Cinematescope (juillet 1896)

C'st vers le milieu de l'année 1896 que Douglas Beaufort va faire l'acquisition d'un théâtrographe (animatograph) de Robert W. Paul qu'il va rebaptiser du nom de "cinematescope". En collaboration avec David Devant, il va accepter plusieurs engagements pour présenter des vues animées. Il va faire équipe avec Charles Woolnough Locke

devant david 04

The Primrose League Gazette, Londres, 1er juillet 1896, p. 2.

Dès lors une certaine confusion - sans doute entrentenue -, va s'instaurer sur le nom de l'appareil "cinematescope", car le pionnier Birt Acres va, lui aussi, utiliser ce même terme pour désigner son propre appareil. Cette ambiguïté est déjà présente en juillet comme on peut le voir dans l'extrait suivant :

On Tuesday evening the Prince and Princess of Wales gave a dinner party at Marlborough House in honour of the marriage of Princess Maud. After dinner the guests witnessed an exhibition of the Cinematescope. The programme included twenty-one pictures, one of which, representing the arrival of the Prince and Princess of Wales and Princesses Victoria and Maud at the Cardiff Exhibition on June 27, excited much interest.

Home News for Infia, China and the Colonies, vendredi 24 juillet 1896, p. 13.

Si dans ce cas, il s'agit bien de Birt Acres, dans l'article suivant, presque contemporain, le propriétaire nommé est Douglas Beaufort :

Mrs. Alan Gardner's "At Home"- Among the most successful of last Monday's many parties was that given by Mrs. Alan Gardner at a Cromwell Houses. [...] The garden proved a most welcome rendezvous and promenade on a hot July evening. The hostess had arranged a brilliant display of lillies, lemon blossoms, roses, and many sweet smelling flowers and plants around the promenades. Fairy lights and lanterns added a touch of Oriental beauty to a scene which was as nearly perfect as artistic effort and refined taste could make it. Messrs. Johannes Wolff and Hollman rendered some choice violin and violoncello selections, which were accompanied by the veteran Signor di Calsi, who was formerly pianist to the Duchess of Cambridge. At midnight Mr. Douglas Beaumont [sic] gave a clever exhibition of the Cinematescope, by permission of the management of the Alhambra.

The Gentlewoman, Londres, 25 juillet 1896, p. 119.

beaufort douglas 1896 the era
The Era, Londres, samedi 5 septembre 1896, p. 28.

On Wednesday last Lord and Lady Wantage gave a garden party at Lockinge House, when a large number of the leading people of the county were present. The day was rather showery, and about two o'clock a heavy thunderstorm, accompanied with hail, passed over the district. Later on, however, the weather cleared, and the visitors were enabled to inspect the gardens and flowers, which are just now in all their beauty. Mr. Douglas Beaufort was engaged for the day, and gave an entertainment of "Animated Photography" and a "Musical sketch."  The band of the 1st Vol Batt. Royal Berks Regiment was present, and discoursed music during the day.Reading Mercury, Oxford Gazette, Oxford, samedi 29 août 1896, p. 4.

On Saturday evening a most enjoyable entertainment was given at Glenmuick House by Mr Douglas Beaudort and party, London, who are to appear in the Music Hall, Aberdeen, to-night, to-morrow, and Wednesday.


BEAUFORT Douglas, Nothing Up My Sleeve, Londres, Stanley & Co Ltd, 1938, p. 287.



26/08/1896 Grande-Bretagne Wantage Lockinge House cinematescope
28-30/09/1896 Grande-Bretagne Aberdeen Music Hall cinematescope
01/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne Peterhead Music Hall cinematescope
02/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne Brechin   cinematescope
03/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne Montrose Burgh Hall cinematescope
07/10/1896 Grande-Bretagne Elgin Town Hall cinematescope