Jean-Claude SEGUIN

Elgin est un village d'Écosse (Grande-Bretagne).


Le cinematescope de C. W. Locke (Town Hall, 7 octobre 1896)

Charles W. Locke, accompagné de Douglas Beaufort, organise une séance de projections animées et de ventriloquisme au début du mois d'octobre:

ELGIN—" ANIMATED PHOTOGRAPHS."—On Wednesday evening the public of Elgin had an opportunity of enjoying, in the Town Hall, a unique form of entertainment—the "Animated Photographs." This is the first occasion these photographs have ever been exhibited in Elgin, and the way in which they were produced was so very natural—owing, no doubt, to the unconsciousness of the subjects while being taken —that their appearance called forth rounds of applause. The "photographs" thrown on the screen included scenes in the streets, the railway station, seaside views, and several processions, the principal one being the Czar's coronation. The movements of men and animals were so lifelike that one could almost fancy he was looking on the real scenes, instead of their being reproduces by means of instantaneous photographs. The cinematescope was manipulated by Mr C. W. Locke, London. Although the photographs were the most interesting part of the programme, the main part was sustained by Mr Douglas Beaufort, who performed conjuring tricks, gave a ventriloquial entertainment, and contributed several musical sketches. His card tricks were most appreciated, although his other performances were of no second-class order. The arrangements for the exhibition were carried out by Mr John Watt, bookseller, the local agent for Messrs J. Marr, Wood & Co, in a highly satisfactory manner.

The Elgin Courant and Courier, Elgin, vendredi 9 octobre 1896,  p. 5.