Francis POCHET

(actif en 1896)

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Jean-Claude SEGUIN


Francis Pochet.


Francis Pochet a été employé au Royal Standar Music-Hall :

As a spectator of the entertainment Mons. Trewey is “bossing.' I liked it so well that thought it too short. The whole “show” only occupies seventeen minutes, several of which are taken by the gentleman who acts chorus to the play, and furnishes the necessary information anent the pictures and their special features. This rôle is well and ably performed by Mr. Francis, who some few years ago was controlling power at the Royal Standard.
It will be interesting to note how these pictures will be received at the Empire. l am compelled to believe that they will achieve a big success. At the Marlborough Rooms they were given in all nakedness; not so much as a pianoforte accompanied their parade. At the Empire, with musical accessories, they should be much more attractive.

The Entr'acte, Londres, samedi 7 mars 1896, p. 6.

Il occupe le poste de lecturer lors des premières séances du cinématographe Lumière à Londres en 1896.

pochet francis
Francis Pochet
Source: Collection Will Day. Cinémathèque française.