Stable on Fire




Stable on Fire

A thrilling rescue of horses and cattle from a burning barn.

BIO 1902



1 American Mutoscope and Biograph Company 44  
2 n.c.  
3 <13/10/1896. 137 ft./25 ft. Mofarras.
4 États-Unis. Buzzard's Bay.


13/10/1896 États-Unis. New York. Olympia Music Hall.   A Stable on Fire
15/11/1896 États-Unis. Minneapolis. Bijou Theatre. Biograph Barn Fire
29/11/1896 États-Unis. New Haven. Poli's Wonderland Theater. Biograph A Stable on Fire
30/11/1896 États-Unis. Jamestown. Allen Theater Biograph Stable on Fire
04/12/1896 États-Unis.Fredonia. Grand Opera House. Biograph Stable on Fire
17/12/1896 États-Unis. Atlanta. Columbia Theater.   A Stable on Fire
*29/04/1897 CubaLa Havane. Suaston  Fuego en un establo
05/05/1897 Grande-BretagneLondres. Palace Theatre of Varieties. Biograph Stable on Fire
23/08/1897 Australie. Sydney. Palace Theatre. Biograph Fire-scene at Jefferson's stables
27/09/1897 Australie. Sydney. Palace Theatre. Biograph A Stable on Fire
04/10/1897 Australie. Brisbane. Theatre Royal. Biograph Stable on Fire