Trilby and Little Billee



Trilby and Little Billee

A pretty love scene from the weel-known play of Trilby, adapted from DuMaurier's novel of the same name.

BIO 1902


1 American Mutoscope & Biograph Company 36.  
2 n.c.  
3 <13/10//1896 150 ft./27 ft. Modificara.
4 États-UnisNew York. Studio.


14/09/1896 États-Unis. Pittsburgh. The Alvin Theatre. Biograph  

Trilby came back to life through it last night, bounced into the studio and jumped on a table at Little Billie's elbow. After kicking off her slippers and revealing her beautiful feet she borrows a cigarette of Billie and then they fall to, as the story goes. The machine has an extensive repertoire, and will show every night this week.

The Pittsburgh Post, Pittsburgh, mardi 15 septembre 1896, p. 6.

13/10/1896 États-Unis. New York. Olympia Music Hall. Biograph Trilby and Little Billee 
15/11/1896 États-Unis. Minneapolis. Bijou Theatre. Biograph Trilby
23/11/1896 États-Unis. Saint-Paul. Biograph Trilby and Little Billee
28/11/1896 États-Unis. Rochester. Cook Opera House Biograph Trilby kissing scene
30/11/1896 États-Unis. Jamestown. Allen Theater Biograph Trilby and Little Billee, Kissing Scene
04/12/1896 États-Unis.Fredonia. Grand Opera House. Biograph Trilby and Little Billee kissing scene
06/12/1896 États-Unis. Detroit. Wonderland. Biograph Kissing Scenes From Trilby. Real Act.
17/12/1896 États-Unis. Atlanta. Columbia Theater. Biograph Trilby and Little Billee
24/03/1897 États-UnisPaterson. Apollo Hall. Biograph Trilby and Little Billee