Whirlpool Rapids, Niagara


Whirlpool Rapids, Niagara 

"The water rushing by thirty miles an hour, dashes up in waters twenty feet high, rushes up among the rocks along the shore and only needs the roar of the distant falls to bring Niagara befor you. It is that portion of the rapids just below the falls where Capt. Webb lost his life." Boston Post, Boston, 28 juin 1896, p. 10.


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2 Otway Latham  
Niagara Falls, March 9-(Special).-Dr. W. T. Jenkins, heath officer for the port of New York, and Otway Latham are here today. They have with them a new electric camera, the invention of Mr. Latham’s father, which will take 1400 impressions per minute. They have been taking some photographs of the ice bridge and Falls today.
Buffalo Evening News, Buffalo, Monday 9 Mars 1896, p. 49.
3 09/03/1896  
4 États-Unis, Niagara Falls  


12/05/1896 États-Unis, New York eidoloscope The Niagara Rapids 
Changing Scenes of Movement on the Drop Curtain of a Theater.
The Niagara river is just now a prolific contributor to our diversions says the New York Sun. Power developed from its falling waters is conducted here electrically to turn ingenious wheels, its roar is to be heard over the telephone, and the interestingly turbulent stretch of rapids just above the falls is transferred to a drop curtain at the Olympia theater by the eidoloscope. For several minutes the rushing torrent is pictured, the waves dancing madly and irregularly. The spurts that at one moment show unbroken banks of water are at the next white with tossing foam, and the whole is extremely realistic. Without a sight of the shore and with but a small section of the rapids in view, there is created for a moment an impression of artificiality in the downward slant of the flood and in its rapid and regular progress; but this is promptly dispelled by recollections of the original. In two views of it the observer looks straight across the river, the water runing [sic] from left to right, and in a third he looks down the flood, as if from a point in the middle of the stream. The green walls of water are not in evidence, because all is in black and white, and much of the sunlight effect is lost, but the camera makes the foam crests snowy white, and so affords an excellent contrast.
Evening Journal, Jamestown, May 19, 1896, p. 5.
13/06/1896 États-UnisNew York, Broadway, nº 156 eidoloscope   Whirlpool Rapids, Niagara
13/06/1896 États-UnisNew York, Saint-James Hotel eidoloscope   Whirlpool Rapids, Niagara
20/06/1896  États-UnisBoston eidoloscope Niagara Whirlpool Rapids
Whirlpool Rapids Niagara

[...] Perhaps the most remarkable of the pictures is the Niagara whirlpool rapids. It only needs the roar of the distant falls to bring Niagara actually before you. Some idea of the immensity of the pictures may be had from the statement that a curtain 40 by 25 feet, or the expanse of the entire proscenium opening at the Museum, is required. The presentation of the Eidoloscope pictures will follow the presentation of “The Yankee Cruiser.”

Boston Post, Boston, Sunday, June 21, 1896, p. 10.

24/06/1896 États-UnisDetroit eidoloscope  Rapids of Niagara Falls 
17/08/1896 États-UnisAtlantic City eidoloscope  The Whirlpool Rapids, Niagara Falls