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L'eidoloscope d'Otway Lathman (6->9 septembre 1895)

Otway Latham, qui a présenté pendant plusieurs semaines l'eidoloscope à Chicago, arrive à Atlanta où il va offrir également des séances de vues animées. La première, réservée aux journalistes, a lieu le 5 septembre 1895. Le journaliste de The Atlanta Constitution offre une description générale sur l'appareil et sa technique :

Work of the Latest Electric Invention, the Eidoloscope
The first exhibition of the eidoloscope, the machine which is attracting general attention wherever it is shown, was given yesterday afternoon in the rear of the first floor of the Norcross building, where a number of gentlemen had assembled to witness it. The exhibition was a success in every way and every one who saw it was decided in his comments of approval.
The eidoloscope possesses many advantages over the kinetoscope and Mr. Edison will have to bring all his ingenuity to bear to introduce an invention to surpass it. The machine was invented after years of patient research and study by Professor Woodville Latham, formerly professor of chemistry in the University of Virginia. His son, Mr. Otway Latham, has been in the city superintending preparations for the exhibition of the machine and after all preliminary matters are attended to will leave for New York, where he has large interests. A company has been established here to run the machine for the three months during the exposition and perhaps longer. Mr. J. H. Fitzpatrick will have the exhibitions in charge.
In speaking of the eidoloscope yesterday Mr. Latham said:
“One of the advantages our machine possesses is that it can take pictures all day if necessary. The kinetoscope can only hold about forty pictures and the exhibition is over in a minute, while you are required while viewing it to remain in a cramped position. With this machine, however, you are comfortably seated in front of a screen, the pictures are presented life-size and the machine will run as long as you desire it. Then too, it is portable and can be carried anywhere. You could place one on a street and it would catch everything that passed before it. We propose to have one of our machines at the Corbett-Fitzsimmons fight and will get the whole affair. If desired we could take the picture of a Mexican bull fight from beginning to end and, to illustrate the staying power of the machine, we could reproduce an entire play, giving every detail except the speaking.”
The exhibition yesterday consisted of the reproduction of a ballet dance, a wrestling match and a four-round glove contest. The figures were life-size and not the slightest smile or change of expression or the working of a muscle was missed.”
The exhibitions will commence Monday the 9th instant, lasting about half an hour each, and on that day they will be for ladies only, who will be admitted free of charge. After that the exhibitions will be general.
The machine is certainly a wonderful one and it is certain to be a go.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Friday, 6 september 1895, p. 10.

Comme il l'a probablement fait à ChicagoOtway Latham est venu à Atlanta afin de superviser l'installation de l'appareil. Il évoque également le projet de tournage du combat entre Corbett et Fitzsimmons, qui aura lieu en 1897, et la possibilité de filmer une corrida au Mexique, chose qui se fera en 1896. La première projection publique a lieu le lundi 9 septembre.

L'eidoloscope (Lyceum Theatre, 23-24 novembre 1896)

En provenance de Savannah, Rosabel Morrison est en tournée avec une nouvelle adaptation de Carmen, oeuvre de Proper Mérimée, dont l'originalité consiste à inclure, lors de la représentation la célèbre Bull Fight tournée au Mexique par Gray Latham :

atlanta eidoloscope 1896

The Altanta Constitution, Atlanta, 23 novembre 1896, p. 7.

La troupe se rend ensuite à Pensacola.