1000a The King's Arrival at the Bois du Boulogne Station, Paris, May 1st, 1903  
1000b (1) The King Approaching the Place de La Concorde  
1000b (2) Arrival at the British Embassy Paris, May 1st, 1903  
1001 Arrival of King and President Loubet at the Vincennes Review Grounds, May 2nd, 1903  
1002 The Army of France Reviewed by King Edward at Vincennes  
1002b The Zouaves of Algiers and French Military on Review at Vincennes  
1003 King Edward VII, and President Loubet Entering Their Carriage and Leaving Vincennes After the Review, May 2nd, 1903  
1004 King Edward at Longchamps Race Course, May 2nd, 1903  
1005 The Demolition of the Gigantic Chimney at Southend  
1006 The Tug of War, "Frascati v. Trocadero"  
1007 The Sports of the Geneva Union Hurdle Sack and Costume Races  
1008 The Kursaal and Revolving Tower at Southend on a Bank Holiday  
1009 The "Bhor Chats" Panorama Along the G.I.P. Railway, India  
1010 The Frolic of the Water Carriers of Calcutta During the Passing of a Wedding Procession  
1011 Club Exercises of the 15th Sikhs  
1012 Review and Firing Manoeuvres of the 15th Sikhs Under Command of Lieut.-Col. G.F. Rowcroft, D.S.O.  
1013 The Game of Football as Played in Burmah  
1014 The Burmese Game of Football  
1015 Burmese Children Playing the Game of "Cock Fighting"  
1016 Burmese Girl's Chatti Race  
1017 Converting the Heathen, Bible Classes Conducted in the Open Air  
1018 The Persian Wells of Northern India  
1019 Bullocks Ploughing with Ancient North Indian Implements  
1020 Scenes on the River Jhelum, the Chief Waterway of Srinager, the Capital of Cashmere  
1021 Women Making "Chappati," the Bread Cake of the People of North India  
1022 Burmese Amusement Called "Pway" (Group in Masks)  
1023 Burmese History Portrayed by Character Acting (Group)  
1024 Burmese Character Acting. The Monkey and the Imp  
1025 Procession of 140 Lepers at Mandalay  
1026 the Ourcasts of India-Procession of Men, Women and Children Reclaimed from Degradation and Devil Worship.  
1027 Procession of 1.800 Widows of the Ramabai Colony, India  
1028 Natives Crossing the Snow-Fed River "Ravi" North of Lahore  
1029 Galloping Tongas on the Road to Srinager  
1030 The 777 Pagodas of Mandalay  
1031 Monks and Worshippers Entering the "Shwe Dagon" (Golden Sword) Pagoda, the Most Sacred in Burma. Panorama of the Interior and Shrines  
1032 Scenes at the Palace of the Maharajah of Jummau and Cashmere  
1033 Elephants Working at Macgregor's Timber Yards and Mills at Rangoon  
1034 A Daring daylight Burglary. Exciting Chase and Capture by the Police  
1035 The Humours of the Derby  
1036 Fencing Tournament Between French, Italian and British Swordsmen at the Royal Botanical Gardens  
1037 Niagara, the World's Wonder, 10 views of Niagara Falls  
1037X A Trip Through the Niagara Gorge on the Electric Railway  
1038 Snapshots of Niagara  
1039 Ice Yachting on the St. Lawrence  
1040 Montreal on Skates  
1041 Skating for the World's Champion-ship at Montreal  
1042 The Outing of the "Old Tuque Blue" Snow-shoeing Club of Montreal  
1043 Tossing the Photographer  
1044 Arrival of the Earl and Countess Minto at the Skating Rink, Montreal  
1045 Hockey on skates  
1046 Ski-jumping in the Alps  
1047 Outing of the Ski-Club in the Alps  
1048 Bob Sleighing in the Alps  
1049 The Battle of Snow  
1050 Toboganning on the Cresta at 40 miles an Hour  
1051 Fun on the Skating Rink After a Snow-Strom in the Alps  
1052 The Waitresses of the B.T.T. and P.P. (British Tea Table and Pearce and Plenty) Walk From the Mansion House to Hyde Park  
1053 n.c.  
1054 M. Loubet's Arrival in London and Reception by King Edward VII  
1055 M. Loubet Leaving the Guildhall, July 7th  
1056 Capt. Taylor's Trained Elephants, Pony and Dogs-Section 1  
1057 Capt. Taylor's Trained Elephants, &c.-Section 2  
1058 Capt. Taylor's Elephants, &c., Section 3  
1059 The Crystal Palace (Interior and Exterior) Panoramas  
1060 Looping the Loop  
1061 Shooting the Chutes  
1062 The Hartley Wonders Marvellous Water, Horse and Chair Jump  
1063 The Marvellous Hartley Barrel Jumpers  
1064 Senorita Fillis, Queen of the Revolving Globe  
1065 Latelles, Aerial High Rope Cyclists  
1066 Tammarots Chiyochkis-Japanese Aerial Act. (2 views)  
1067 Panorama of the Palm Gardens, Crystal Palace  
1068 The C.P.R. "Imperial Limited" at Full Speed  
1069 Canoe Tilting Contest Between the Indian, Shawno and M. West the Champion of the Pan-American Exhibition  
1070 Harvesting Hay on the Bear Ice Rink, Grindelwald  
1071 Swiss Wrestling on the Turf of the Kursall, Interlaken  
1072 Life at a Simmenthal Cattle Farm  
1073 Fun on a Grimmialp Coat Farm  
1074 Panorama of Kandersteg and the Bluem Lisalp  
1075 Tourists Leaving the Hotel, Kandersteg  
1076 The Gemmi Pass and the Oeschinen Lake  
1077 Lace Making in a Village Street, Murren  
1078 Snow Breaking on the Wengeralprailway  
1079 The Reichenbach Railway & Falls  
1080 Panorama from a Descending Car of the Reichenbach Railway, Meiringen  
1081 The Reichenbach Falls, Meiringen  
1082 After Church in a Village Street, Meiringen  
1083 Lake Brienz and the Geissbach Falls  
1084 Panorama of Interlaken From a Steamer Arriving at Dock  
1085 Steamer Leaving Interlaken and Panorama of Iseltwald, Lake Brienz  
1086 The Folkestone Fire Drill  
1087 Procession and Launch of Lifeboat  
1088 The Children in Goat Carts  
1089 Fishergirls' Race and Dance  
1090 The "Japs" Cake Walk  
  01. The Great Spirit Calls the Warriors of Many Nations to Council  
  02. Indians Manifesting Hostility. The Pipe of Peace  
  03. Nokornis Sings the Pappoose (Baby Hiawatha) to Sleep  
  04. Hiawatha (the Boy) Learning to Shoot With Bow and Arrow  
  05. HIawatha (the Youth) Taught to Dance by the Warriors  
  06. The Tribal Dance of the Ojibways  
  07. The Mysterious Departure of Hiawatha to Woo Minnehaha  
  08. Scene in the Woods. Hiawata Stalks and Kills a Deer  
  09.  Hiawatha Lays the Deer at the Feet of Minnehaha  
  10. The Tribe Welcoming the Return of Hiawatha and his Bride  
  11. The Warriors Rejoicing-The "Bridal Dance" by the Tribe led by Hiawatha and Minnehaha  
  12. Arrival of Pau-Puk-Keevis. The Mischief Maker  
  13. The Cunning Pau-Puk-Keevis Gambling for Furs  
  14. Pau-Puk-Keewis Insults Minnehaha  
  15. Escape and Pursuit of Pau-Puk-Keewis by the Tribe  
  16. The "Bad Indian" Mocking and Defying his Pursuers  
  17. Pau-Puk-Keewis Flinging Himself From a Cliff and Turning Into a Beaver  
  18. The Tribe Indulges in the Elk Dance in Celebration of Their Victory  
  19. Appearance of the First Pale Face (A Canadian Trapper)  
  20. Mysterious Departure of Hiawatha for the West  
1092 Catching Fifty-Thousand Salmon in Two Hours; on the Fraser River, Canada  
1093 Trapping Salmon on the Fraser River  
1094 Prof. Stanley Spencer Starling his Airship From the Crystal Palace Preparatory to his Flight Around St. Paul's, September 17th, 1903  
1095 Major Woods' Method of Conquering a 3-Year-old Unbroken Colt  
1096 Heavy Sea on South Coast  
1097 Game of Living Whist  
1098 Panorama of the Kicking Horse Canyon  
1099 The Kicking Horse Canyon and the Great Loop at Glacier House  
1100 With the Imperial Limited Through the Kicking Horse Canyon  
1101 The "Empress of China" Leaving Vancouver for the Far East  
1102 Hauling in Salmon Nets at Vancouver  
1103 The North American Indian at "Peace" Dance  
1104 I. Indians Gambling for Furs  
  II. Is it War or Peace ?  
1105 Indian Canoe Races  
1106 Felling Pines in North West Territory  
1107 Dragging Logs Over Cordoroy Roads Through the Pine Forests  
1108 Lumbereing in the Canadian Pine Forests  
1109 Milling Logs on Pacific Coast (North West Territory) Canada  
1110 Robbery of the Mail Coach  
1111 The Wania Troupe of Slavish Dancers  
1112 A Trip Around Lake of the Four Cantons, Switzerland  
1113 Panorama of the Alps Over the Muerren Railway  
1114 Panorama of the Muerren Range of Alps  
1115 Motoring on the Hoheweg-Interlaken  
1116 Arrival of Steamer, Landing of Passengers, and Panorama of Hotel Bustand-Interlaken  
1117 Lace Making at Murren  
1118 Cattle Crossing the Grindelwald Eismeer on Their Way to High Pasture  
1119 The Herd of Goats at the Grimsel Hospice  
1120 Panorama of Grimsel Hospice and Lake the Stage Leaving for Rhone Glacier  
1121 Departure of the Diligence for Meiringen  
1122 Stage Coach v. Motor, Over a Mountain Road  
1123 Arrival of Stage Coach at Handeck  
1124 Feeding the Handeck Rabbits  
1125 Street Scenes in Berne  
1126 Market Day in Berne-Switzerland  
1127 The Jungfrau Electric Railway  
1128 Labour Day Parade in Vancouver. British Columbia  
1129 Chinese Merchant's Funeral Procession Through Streets of Vancouver-British Columbia  
1130 Santos Dumont in his Airship Sailing Over the Review Grounds in Paris, and Saluting President Loubet From Overhead  
1131 President Loubet Decorating French Officers  
1132 Review of the Algerian Regiment Before the President of France  
1133 The Presidential Train Leaving the St. Lazare Station, Paris  
1134 Driving Cattle in the Alps  
1135 Man's Best Friend-The Dog  
1136 Lacrosse-Canada's National Game. Between the West Minster and Vancouver Teams  
1137 The ascent of the Matterhorn  
  a. The Village of Zermatt  
  b. The Seiler Hotels and Cattle Grazing on the Banks of the Matterirsp.  
  c. The Matterhorn seen from Zermatt  
  d. The Bioscope Expedition Trying Their Strength  
  e. Preparations for the Departure From the Hotel Monte Rosa  
  f. Through the Village of Zermatt  
  g. Leaving Zermatt Behind  
  h. Approaching the Schwarzee Hotel 8,494 feet  
  i. Leaving the Schwarzeee Hotel for the Hornli  
  j. The Hornli Ridge (9,492 feet)  
  k. Arrival at the Matterhorn Cabane (10,16 feet)  
  l.Panorama of the Monte Rosa Chain From the Cabane  
  m. Traversing the Ledges Near "Whyper's Camp"  
  n. The Old Cabane on the East Face 12,526 feet  
  o. The Rocks Above the Old Hut  
  p. Climbing by the Fixed Ropes  
  q. The Shoulder (14,110 feet)  
  r. Below the Summit Ridge  
  s. Reaching the Summit (14,780 feet)  
  t. Panorama From the Summit (14,780 feet)  
1138 Panorama From the Gorner Grat Railway (10,289 feet)  
1139 The Matterhorn, the Village of Zermatt & Group of Schwyz Cattle  
1140 Climbers Lunching at the Schwarzee Hotel  
1141 A Zermatt Washerwoman  
1142 Mules Bringing up Woof to the Hotel Jungfrau at the Eggishorn 7,195 feet  
1143 Ascent of the Jungfrau (13,670 feet)  
1144 T.R.M. King and Queen of Italy Visit to Paris  
1145 Lord Dundonald Reviews the Troops at Montreal  
1146 Will the Express Overtake Them ?  
1147 A Race Between Two Crack Streamers Between Seattle and Vancouver  
1148 Spearing Fish in Canadian Waters  
2000 Our Farmyard Friends  
2001 Poultry Portraiture  
2002 The White Rat at his Toilet  
2003 Feeding the Pelicans  
2004 Eagles at the Zoo  
2005 The Storks' Tug of War  
2006 Feeding the Seals  
2007 Feeding the Indian Otters  
2008 The Giant Tortoise Feeding  
2009 The Snail, the Tortoise and the Toad  
2010 The Greedy Toad  
2011 The Toad's Luncheon  
2012 The Meal of the American Toad  
2013 Chameleons Feeding  
2014 The Boa Constrictor  
2015 The Dragonfly Larvae and Water Scorpion  
2016 The Frog  
2017 The Newt  
2018 Pond Life  
2019 Making Foundation of the Honeycomb and Examining the Combs in the Hive  
2020 The Buse Bee  
2021 The Climbing Chameleons  
2022 The Pugilistic Toads and the Tortoise Referee  
2023 The Hedgehog  
2024 A Snake in the Grass  
2025 Primrose and the Bee  
2026 Bee Culture  
2027 Bee Life out and in the Old Skep  
2028 Bees Preparing to Swarm  
2029 Preparing the Comb for Honey  
2030 Enlarged Views of Honeycomb and Bees  
2031 The Brood Comb in Various Stages  
2032 Drone, Queen and Worker Bee Cells on the Comb  
2033 The Laughing Chameleon  
2034 The Babyhood of the White Rat  
2035 The Toads Frolic  
2036 The Boa Constrictor Crushing and Swallowing a Rat  
2037 Zermatt Spider, Her Nest and Young  
2038 The Spider and the Fly  
2039 The 1903 Kennel Club Prize Winners  
2040 American Big Game  
2041 Schwytz Cattle  
2200 Denizens of the Deep  
2201 Stalked Ship Barnacle  
2202 The Shore Crab  
2203 Sand Hoppers and Shrimps  
2204 The Skate  
2205 The Eledon  
2206 Our Aquarium  
2207 The Giant Lobster  
2208 The Octopus  
2500 American Blight and Green-fly  
2501 Cheese Mites  
2502 The May-fly Larva  
2503 Red Sludge-worm  
2504 Red Snow Germs  
2505 The Fresh-Water Hydra  
2506 The Brickmaking Rotifer  
2507 The Circulation of Protoplasm in the Waterweed  
2508 Circulation of the Blood in the Frog's Foot  
2509 The Volvox Globator (2 Sections)  
2510 Typhoid Bacteria  
2511 The Freshwater Infusorian  
2512 The "Bacteria Glutton"  
2513 Cheese Mites  
2514 The Naturalist at Work With the Microscope  
2515 Water Flea and Rotifers  
2516 Structional View of the Hydra  
2517 Anatomy of the Water Flea  
2518 Ciliary Movement of the Gills of a Mussel  
2519 the Naturalist Fishing for Specimens  
2520 The Water Flea  
2521 Diatoms  
2522 Head of a House Fly  
3501 Grandma Threading her Needle  
3502 Scandal Over the Sea Cups  
3503 The Political Discussion  
3504 A Game of Nap  
3505 Game of Cards  
3506 Good Stories  
3507 The Last Bottle at the Clulb  
3508 Two Old Boys at the Music Hall  
3509 Whiskey or Bullets  
3510 The Monocle-Me and Joe Chamberlain  
3511 The Little Doctor  
3512 The Sick Kitten  
3513 At Last ! That Awful Tooth  
3514 That Awful Cigar  
3515 Pa's Comments on the Morning News  
3516 A Photograph Taken From Our Area Window  
3517 Granma's Reading Glass  
3518 As Seen Through a Telescope  
3519 The Valentine  
3520 A Bad Cigar  
3521 The House That Jack Built  
3522 n.c.  
3523 Mary Jane's Mishap  
3524 After Dark, or The Policeman And His Lantern  
3525 Lettie Limelight in Her Lair  
3526 A Shave And Brush Up  
3527 The Dull Razor  
3528 The Bill Poster's Revenge  
3529 In the Green Room  
3530 The Comedian And the Fly-Paper  
3531 The Adrian Troupe of Cyclists  
3532 Circling the Circ  
3533 The Cake Walk  
3534 The Donkey Serpentine Dancer  
3535 Tommy And His Harriet On Bank Holiday  
3536 The Mouse in the Art School  
3537 The Monk's Ruse For a Lunch  
3538 Pantomime Girls Having a Lark  
3539 The March of the Amazons  
3540 Topsy-Turvy Dance by Three Quaker Maidens  
3541 Tambourine Dancing Quartette  
3542 Pantomime Scene  
3543 The Unfortunate Egg Merchant  
3544 Too Much of a Good Thing  
3545 n.c.  
3546 The Nursery Rhymes  
3547 Balloon Inflation  
3548 The London to Brighton "Globe Walk"  
3549 The Yokel's Luncheon  
3550 The Monk's Maccaroni Feast (Reversing)  
3551 Dorothy's Dream  
4004 Washing the Sweep  
4005 Winning the Gloves    
4006 The Forbidden Lover  
4011 The Clown Barber   
4020 Courtship Under Difficulties  
4023 Attack on a China Mission-Bluejackets  
4142 A Big Swallow  
4143 The Magic Extinguisher  
4144 The Elixir of Life  
4145 Stop Thief !  
4149 Over the Garden Wall  
4150 The Marvellous Hair Restorer  
4152 Are You There ?  
4153 The Puzzled Bather and His Animated Clothes  
4155 Teasing Grandpa  
4166 Ping-Pong-An Amusing Burlesque of This Popular Pastime  
4172 The Soldier's Return  
4175 A Workman's Paradise  
4182 Those Troublesome Boys  
4200 Close Quarters: "With a Notion of the Motion of the Ocean"  
4204 The Acrobatic Tramps  
4205 Insectorium. Fight between Spider and Centipedes  
4207 Fighting His Battles Over Again. Scene in a Canteen in Barracks  
4209 The Little Match Seller  
4211 A Reservist, Before and After the War  
4216 Spring Cleaning. A Domestic Comey in Five Scenes  
4220 Quarrelsom Neighbours  
4222 Remorse  
4228 A Trip to Southend or Blackpool  
4229 Jack Ashore  
4231 The Wrong Chimney  
4232 No Bathing Allowed  
4233 Wait Till Jack Comes Home. A pathetic Story in Humble Life  
4234 The Desester  


3040-3041 Tiger and Bull Fight at San Sebastien  
  Mr. Loubet en Madrid  

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