La ejecución del soldado Antonio Navarro


La ejecución del soldado Antonio Navarro


1 Lumière HC  
2 Gabriel Veyre
Antonio Navarro 
3 10/10/1896   
[...] As they were marching past, a series of views were taken by the Cinematograph.The Mexican Herald, Mexico, October 13, 1896, p. 7.
As stated in THE MEXICAN HERALD a day or two since, the owners of the Cinematograph Lumiere, took views of the execution of the soldier, Antonio Navarro, from the moment that the Lawyer Gonzalez Suarez delivered the hankerchief to the priest, Clemente, Miro so that the good father might bandage the eyes that were taking their last look at the sun, the views continuing until the poor fellow fell in death. It is said that the views taken were perfect, and will soon be publicly exhibited. The proceeds of the first exhibittion will b devoted to the family of the executed soldier.
The Mexican Herald, Mexico, October 17, 1896, p. 7. 
4 Mexique, México  





El Mundo, México, 10 de octubre de 1896, p. 1