Forepaugh and Sell's Circus

Arrival of the Circus Train nº 1 Arrival of the Circus Train nº 2

Panorama of Circus Train Unloading

Unloading the Elephants Circus Street Parade
Grand Entrance into the Hippodrome Performing Elephants The Five Acrobats, St. Leons Leaping Tournament over Elephants Cake Walking Horses
The Mechanical Head Burlesque Cock Fight Feeding the Elephants Chariot Race Camels Eating
Feeding the Hippopotamus Panorama of the Menagerie Bareback Riding The Wire Walker Japanese Foot Juggler



Forepaugh and Sell's Circus

LUB 1903-01


1 S. Lubin  
2 n.c.   
3 04/1902 50f
4 USA, Philadelphia  


06/06/1903 Cuba, La Habana Costa y Prada Entrada en Philadelphia de la gran compañía ecuestre de Forspangh & Selles