Fifth Avenue of Easter Sunday


Fifth Avenue of Easter Sunday


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3 05/04/1896  
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12/05/1896  États-UnisNew York  eidoloscope The Easter parade on Fifth Avenue
Better liked than either of these, because it is nearer home is a view had of the Easter parade in Fifth avenue. The line of sight is directly across the avenue, and the camera was pointed downward to take in the opposite sidewalk. The paraders are there, true to life in all but the gay colors. The walk is so crowded that the two streams going in different directions take on all degrees of speed, and occasionally a man whose soul is above bonnets and gowns can be seen to take to the street and urge on by fashionable sights and sightseers, as business men will of a pleasant day in the shopping districts. To the audience the most amusing feature comes in the passage at irregular intervals of carriages. The focus is such that the whole of but a few of these can be seen, the head of the driver and the roof of his hansom being ail that is in sight in several instances. The rigs are of all grades, from the swagger Victoria with its high-stepping horses to the ramshackle chaise with its bony, propeller, and the speed of the vehicles varies proportionately. What stirs the spectator most is when, after the street has been vacant for a moment, two or three vehicles come into view at a good speed; and when one or two that are side by side dashes ahead of the other there is always a burst of applause for the leader. Local scenes that will be recognized and surprises from reasonable and familiar causes are the expedients that make these displays effective....
Evening Journal, Jamestown, May 19, 1896, p. 5.
20/06/1896 États-UnisDetroit eidoloscope  Fifth Avenue of Easter Sunday 

Last present week will conclude the exhibition by the eidoloscope at he Detroit opera house, and a new picture has been added which should prove a great attraction. It is a reproduction of the New York Times [sic] bicycle parade and is very clearly shown. In the background can be seen the immense grand stand crowded with people, while the cyclists go wheeling past in clubs, each with a distinctive uniform. the scene is so vividly portrayed that it appears life-like in every way. The pictures of the bull fight, rapids of Niagara Falls and scene on Fifth avenue are also retained.

Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Wednesday, June 24, 1896, p. 10.


new york easter parade 1896

The Brooklyn Citizen, Brooklyn, April 6, 1896, p. 3.