Biograph Photo Catalog, Vol. 1, No.'s 1-499 [AMB 1898-1905-01]

0001 Sparring Contest at Canastota  
0001 E Queen's Jubilee  
0002 Sparring Contest at Canastota  
0002 E Queen's Jubilee  
0003 Sparring Contest at Canastota  
0003 E The Horse Guards  
0004 Sparring Contest at Canastota  
0004 E Sir Wilfred Laurier and the New South Wales Lancers  
0005 n.c.  
0006 Engine and Pump/Demonstrating the Action of a Steam Engine and Pump  
0007 Union Square  
0008 Union Square  
0009 Skirt Dance by Annabelle/Butterfly Dance  
0010 Tabourine Dance by Annabelle  
0011 Sawing Wood  
0012 Sandow  
0013 Sandow  
0014 Skirt Dance by Annabelle  
0015 The Bicycle Parade on the Boulevard/On the Boulevard  
0016 The Bicycle Parade on the Boulevard/On the Boulevard  
0016 E The Henley Regatta  
0017 Shooting the Chutes at Atlantic City   
0018  The Sea Scene   
0019 n.c.   
0020 Boys Bathing at Atlantic City   
0020 E Mr. C. N. Morton  
0021 Atlantic City Bathers   
0022 Panoramic View from Trolley; Atlantic City   
0022 E The Clarence House Lawn Party  
0023 Fire Engine at Work  
0023 E Finish of the English Derby of 1897  
0024 Panoramic View from Trolley; Atlantic City   
0024 E Arrival of His Majesty, King Edward VII  
0025 Train Leaving Station, Philadelphia   
0026 Penn. R.R. at New Brunswick, N.J.  
0026 E A Race for the Gold Cup  
0027 Penn R.R. near Philadelphia  
0027 E His Majesty, King Edward VII  
0028 Penn R.R. near Haddonsfield   
0028 E The Colfstream Guards  
0029 Penn R.R. Cliffs   
0029 E Gordon Highlanders  
0030 Bathers and Life-Boat, Atlantic City   
0030 E His Majesty, King Edward VII  
0030 E Aldershot Review  
0031 Bathers at Atlantic City  
0032 Monkies' Feast  
0033 Getting off Trolley. Atlantic City  
0034 Busses Leaving Depot. Atlantic City  
0035 Flag Dance by Annabelle/A Flag Dance  
0035 E Relieving the Guard at St. James Palace  
0036 Trilby and Little Billee  
0037 Sandow  
0038 Sandow  
0038 E Maxim Firing Field Gun  
0039 A Hard Wash  
0040 A Watermelon Feast  
0040 E A Maxim gun in Action  
0041 Dancing Darkies  
0042 Wrestling Pony  
0043 Wresting Ponies  
0044 Stable on Fire  
0045 Rip's Toast  
0046 Rip Meeting the Dwarf  
0047 Exit of Rip and Dwarf   
0048 Rip Passing over the Moutain  
0049 Rip's Toast to Hudson  
0050 Rip's 20 Years Sleep  
0050 E Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria  
0051 Awakening of Rip  
0051 E Emperor William of Germany, and Emperor Franz Josef of Austria  
0052 Rip Leaving Sleepy Hollow  
0052 E Meeting of Emperor William of Germany and Emperor Franz Josef of Austria  
0053 Li Hung Chang   
0054 Li Hung Chang   
0055 Li Hung Chang at Grants Tomb   
0056 West Point Cadet Cavalry   
0057 West Point Cadet Cavalry  
0057 E Austrian Mounted Police  
0058 West Point Cadet Drill   
0059 West Point Cadet Drill   
0060 Canadian Falls. Table Rock   
0061 Canadian Falls. Table Rock   
0062 Niagara Falls from Michigan Central R.R.   
0063 Niagara Falls. Luna Island  
0063 E A Children's Carnival in Germany  
0064 American Falls. Goat Island   
0065 Canadian Falls from American Side   
0065 E Charge of Hungarian Hussars  
0066 Niagara Gorge from Erie R.R.   
0067 Lower Rapids. Niagara Falls   
0067 E Place de la Concorde  
0068 Looking Down Gorge. Niagara Fallas   
0069 Panoramic View from Trolley in Gorge   
0070 Upper Rapids from Bridge. Niagara Falls/Upper Rapids, as seen from Bridge  
0071 Panorama of American and Canadian Falls   
0072 McKinley at Home. Canton. Ohio /President McKinley  
0073 Parade. American Club of Canton.Ohio/The Americus Club  
0073 E Hungarian Women Plucking Geese  
0074 Parade. Canton. Ohio/President McKinley's First Campaign  
0075 Parade. Canton. Ohio: Elkin's Cadets/Elkins Cadets  
0075 E Home Life of a Hungarian Family  
0076 Parade. Canton. Ohio: Sound Money Club/A Sound Money Club   
0076 E French Soldiers in a Wall-Climbing Drill  
0077 Empire State Express   
0078 n.c.   
0079 n.c.   
0079 E Place de l'Opera  
0080 Train Taking Water N.Y.C.R.R.   
0081 Empire State Express  
0081 E French Cuirassieurs Charging a Field Battery  
0082 Parade, First Brigade  
0082 E Trafalgar Square  
0083 United States Flag  
0083 E Charge of the French Cuirassieurs  
0084 Imro Fox. Conjurer  
0085 Imro Fox. Rabbbit Trick  
0086 Imro Fox. Human Hen Trick/The Human Hen  
0087 New York Fire Department  
0087 E A Camp of Zingari Gypsies  
0088 New York Fire Department  
0089 The Sound Money Parade  
0090 Sound Money Parade  
0091 Fire Department run. New Haven. Con.  
0091 E Bayonet versus Bayonet  
0092 Winchester Arms Factory at Noon  
0092 E Gymnastic Exercises in the British Army  
0093 An Arrest  
0093 E A Regimental Calisthenic Drill in the British Army  
0094 Yale Football Team/Football, Yale  
0094 E The Alarm (Gordon Highlanders)  
0095 Yale Football Team/Football, Yale  
0095 E Gordon Highlanders Marching into Camp  
0096 Yale Football Team/Football, Yale  
0096 E The Highland Fling, by the Gordon Highlanders  
0097 Football, Yale  
0098 United States Flag  
0099 A Happy Family/Amusing the Children  
0100 Limited Express. Penn. R.R./The Pennsylvania Limited Express  
0101 The Drunken Acrobat  
0102 Board Walk. Atlantic  
0103 Aquarium  
0104 Pussy's Bath  
0105 Street Scene. New York City  
0106 Snow Men  
0107 The Prodigal's Return, 3 A.M.  
0107 E Conway Castle  
0108 Why Papa Cannot Sleep  
0108 E A Terrible Spill  
0109 Sack Race  
0110 Ye Merry Sleigh Bells  
0111 New England Church Scene  
0112 Boys will be Boys  
0112 E The "Jennie Deans"  
0113 Street Scene, New York City  
0114 Smoking, Eating and Drinking  
0115 Children Playing with Fish  
0116 Marching Through the Sallyport  
0117 In Heavy Marching Order, 13th Infantry, USA  
0117 E A Tug in a Heavy Sea  
0118 Countermarching. 13th Infantry USA/Marching and Countere Marching  
0118 E Three Men in a Boat  
0119 Full Dress Parade: 13th Infantry, USA  
0120 Full Dress Parade: 13th Infantry, USA  
0121 Musical Drill, 13th Infantry, USA  
0122 A Blanket Court-martial  
0123 Scaling Wall in Retreat/Scaling Walls in Retreat  
0124 Scaling Wall with Wounded/Scaling Walls, in Retreat, with Wounded and Dying  
0125 Manual of Arms, 13th Infantry, USA  
0126 Bayonet Exercise; 13th Infantry, USA  
0127 An Outward Bound Vessel/An Outward Vessel  
0128 Scene in New York Harbor  
0129 Rolla O'Heikes/Rollo Heikes  
0130 Ten inch Disappearing Gun. Sandy Hook/Disappearing Gun  
0130 E "Away Aloft"  
0131 Projectile Striking Water, Sandy Hook  
0132 Sausage Machine  
0133 Sausage Machine  
0134 The Pretty Typewriter  
0135 The Oration  
0136 Little Egypt  
0137 Sausage Machine  
0138 Waiting for Hubby  
0139 Waiting for Hubby  
0140 Little Egypt  
0141 Little Egypt  
0142 Seventy-first Regiment N.G.S.N.Y.  
0143 Troop "A" of Cleveland, O.  
0143 E Idle Hours of the English Coast Guards  
0144 President McKinley/President Cleveland and President McKinley  
0144 E Me and My Two Friends  
0145 Review of Artillery  
0145 E Water Polo  
0146 A Part of Inaugural Parade, Washington  
0147 The Governor of Ohio, and Staff/Governor Bushnell of Ohio, and Staff  
0148 Bicyclers in Inaugural Parade  
0148 E Worthing Life-Saving Station  
0149 Troop "A" in Inaugural Parade  
0150 McKinley and Others in Carriage  
0151 McKinley Train, Penn. R.R.  
0152 McKinley Train, Penn. R.R.  
0153 Keystone Express  
0154 Love's Young Dream  
0155 A Bowery Cafe  
0156 The Bungling Water  
0157 His First Smoke  
0158 A Pillow Fight Kinora 57 
0159 The Theatre Hat  
0160 The Miser  
0161 A Good Story  
0162 Young Doctor/Playing Doctor  
0163 Prize Fight, Downey vs Monahan/Downey-Monaghan (Rounb 1)  
0164 Prize Fight, Downey vs Monahan/Downey vs. Monaghan  
0165 Parisienne Girls/Les Parisiennes  
0166 Geisha Girls  
0167 Gaiety Dance  
0168 Deyo  
0169 S.S. Middletown  
0170 Jumbo  
0171 Jumbo  
0171 E A Hotel Fire in Paris, and Rescue by Parisian Pompiers  
0172 Columbia Bicycle Factory  
0173 A Newsboy's Scrap  
0174 Cavalry Charge  
0175 Cavalry Charge  
0176 Musical Drill; Troop A., 3dr. Cavalry  
0176 E 101st Regiment, French Infantry  
0177 Musical Drill; Troop A., 3dr. Cavalry/Cavalry Musical Drill  
0178 Jumping over Hurdles/Troopers Hurdling  
0179 Leaping over Hurdkes, Eight Abreast/Jumping Hurdles  
0180 Charging Through Intervals of Skirmishes/Charge, through Intervals of Skirmishes  
0181 Fencing on Horseback 3rd Cavalry  
0182 Wrestling, Bareback: 3rd Cavalry  
0182 E Elephants at the Zoo  
0183 Recess at Fort Ethan Allen/Cavalry Horses at Play  
0184 Standing in Stirrups, Jumping Hurdles  
0185 Seventy first Regiment N.G.S.N.Y./7th Regiment, N.G.S.N.Y.  
0186 Snatches of the Grant Parade/Glimpses at the Grant Parade  
0187 The Old Guard of New York  
0188 Gov. John A. Tanner, of Virginia, and Staff  
0189 Major General O. Howard USA, and Staff  
0190 Columbia School/Columbia School Cadets  
0191 First Corp Cadets; Mass National Guards  
0192 West Point Cadets  
0193 Major-General Dodge and Staff  
0194 U.S. Sailors  
0195 U.S. Cavalry and Artillery  
0196 Steamship "St Paul" Outward Bound  
0197 Theatre Hats Off  
0197 E Burglars in the Pantry  
0198 A Country Dance  
0199 A Practical Joke  
0200 Caught Napping  
0201 Foiled Again  
0202 Automatic Piano  
0203 Automatic Piano/Demonstrating the Action of an Automatic Piano  
0204 The Day After the Circus  
0205 Hard Scrabble  
0205 E The Zola-Rochefort Duel  
0206 La Petite Adelaide  
0207 A Darkey Cake Walk  
0208 Acrobatic Comedy by Lina and Vani/Lina & Vani  
0209 Six Furlong Handicap  
0210 Going to the Post  
0211 Finish of the Brooklyn Handicap  
0212 Hurdle Race  
0213 Bag Punching by Sadie Leonard  
0214 First Leonard Bout/First Round; Glove contest between the Leonards  
0215 Second Leonard Bout/Second Round; Glove Contest Between the Leonards  
0216 Death of Nancy Sykes  
0217 Dance; Franchenette Sisters/Dance; Franchonetti Sisters  
0218 French Acrobat Dance/French Acrobatic Dance  
0219 Kiching Wilhe's Hat  
0220 Girls' Boarding School  
0221 Ring Around a Rosie  
0221 E Pelicans at the Zoo  
0222 See Saw  
0223 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Parade  
0224 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Parade  
0225 Saharet  
0226 The Restless Girl  
0227 The Daisy Guard  
0228 A Dressing Room Scene  
0229 A Standard Picture Animated  
0229 E A Panoramic View in the Grand Canal  
0230 Shooting the Chutes  
0231 Throwing over a Wall  
0232 Ferryboat Winthrop  
0233 U.S.S. Massachsetts  
0234 Comedy Cake Walk  
0235 Pickaninies' Dance  
0235 E Panoramic View of Grand Canal  
0236 Bicycle Girl  
0237 Girls Wrestling on the Beach  
0238 An Affair of Honor  
0239 On the Beach  
0240 A Rural Courtship  
0241 The Troubadour  
0242 The Tramp and the Bather  
0243 Still Waters Run Deep  
0244 Two Girls Swinging  
0245 Peeping Tom  
0246 One Girl Swiging  
0247 A Surprise Party  
0248 A Romp  
0249 Fort Hill Fire Station  
0249 E Panoramic View of Venice  
0250 The Biggest Fish He Ever Caught  
0251 The Picnic  
0251 E To the Death  
0252 Young America  
0253 Trout Poachers  
0253 E The Rocket Coach  
0254 Harvard Crew  
0255 Albany Day Boats  
0255 E Has He Hit Me?  
0256 Cornell-Harvard-Yale Boat Race  
0257 Observation Train at Boat Races/Observation Train at the Inter-Collegiate Boat-Races  
0258 Quick Lunch  
0259 Loading Hay  
0260 Trial Scene  
0261 The Junior Republic on Parade  
0262 A Chicken Farm  
0263 Quick Dressing  
0264 n.c.  
0265 n.c.  
0266 Sprague Electric Train  
0267 Sprague Electric Train  
0268 Expert Driving  
0269 Bad Boy and Poor Old Grandpa  
0269 E Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland  
0270 In a Chinese Laundry  
0270 E Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland  
0271 The Vanishing Lady  
0271 E Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland  
0272 Hauling a Scoop Net  
0272 E Coronation of Queen Wilhelmina of Holland  
0273 On the Board Walk, Atlantic City, N.J.  
0274 Beach Scene Atlantic City, N.J.  
0275 A Jolly Crowd of Bathers/A Jolly Crowd of Bathers Frolicking on the Beach at Atlantic City  
0275 E Bath Scene  
0276 Promenading on the Beach  
0276 E Dutch Fishing Boats  
0277 In the Surf  
0278 Atlantic City Fire/Run of The Atlantic City Fire Department  
0279 Hight Diving  
0280 A Giant Steam-shovel  
0281 Philadephia Mounted Police at Drill/Mounted Police Drille  
0282 Rough Riding. Philadelphia Mounted Police  
0283 Making an Arrest  
0284 Catching a Runaway Team  
0285 Returning from Drill  
0286 Philadelphia Fire Department/Fire Run  
0287 Street Scene, Philadelphia/A Busy Corner  
0288 Fire Boat "Edwin S. Stuart"/Fire Boat "Edwin S. Stewart"  
0289 Pretty Girls and the Rail Fence  
0290 Girls Battling for a Hammock  
0291 n.c  
0292 n.c.  
0293 Dancing Girls Limbering up  
0294 Society Girls Playing Leap Frog  
0294 E President Faure shooting Pheasants  
0295 Girl's Acrobatic Feats  
0295 E The late President Faure of France  
0296 Thrashing Machine at Work/Threshing Machine at Work  
0297 Hallow-e'en in Coon-Town  
0298 Pie Eating Contest  
0299 Washing the Baby  
0299 E Launch of the Oceanic  
0300 Soap Bubbles  
0300 E Feeding the Pigs  
0301 The Haverstraw Tunnel  
0302 n.c.  
0303 Fatima  
0304 AEriel Slide at Coney Island  
0305 Fun on the Steeple Chase  
0306 Riding on the Merry-go round  
0307 A Baby Merry-go round  
0308 Harvesting Corn  
0309 Fall River Boat "Priscilla"  
0310 New York Elevated Trains  
0311 Golding Sisters, Champion Swimmers  
0311 E Grand Military Steeple-Chase  
0312 One-third Mile Bicycle Race  
0313 Oriten  
0314→0320 n.c.  
0320 E The Humane Side of Moderne Warfare  
0321 Keith's Theatre, Boston  
0322 Keith's Theatre, Boston  
0322 E Gand National Steeple-Chase  
0323 Jordan, Marsh and Co's. Store, Boston  
0324 Taking on the Pilot  
0324 E Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Crews  
0325 A Fishing Schooner Going to Sea/A Fishing Schooner  
0325 E Oxford-Cambridge Boat-Race  
0326 n.c.  
0326 E Lockhart's Performing Elephants  
0326→0328 n.c.  
0329 Safety in Four Tracks  
0330 Boston's Subway  
0331 Fall River Boat Train  
0332 The Crookedest Railroad Yard in the World  
0333 Fastest Wrecking Crew in the World  
0334 A Multicyle Race  
0335 A Paced Bicycle Race  
0336 Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co.  
0336 E Scots Greys  
0337 Heads, Hats and Faces  
0337 E The Gordon Highlanders  
0338 Facial Expressions by Loney Haskell  
0339 Marshall P. Wilder  
0340 Diving at Bath Beach  
0340 E A Zulu War Dance  
0341 Diving at Bath Beach  
0342 A Cat-Boat Race  
0343 Sexless Profiles  
0343 E Panoramic View of Windsor Castle  
0344 n.c.  
0344 E South Wales Express  
0345 n.c.  
0345 E English Fire Departement Run  
0346 n.c.  
0346 E Fire Department Rescue Drill  
0347→0348 n.c.  
0349 The Wreck of the Schooner "Richmond"  
0350 The Wreck of the Schooner "Richmond"  
0351 Sad Sea Waves  
0351 E Rt. Honorable Cecil Rhodes  
0352 Tramp in a Millionaire's Bed  
0353 Knock-out Drips  
0354 The Dancing Skeleton  
0355 A Burlesque Cake Walk  
0356 A Tramp's Dinner  
0356 E Wreck of the S. S. "Paris"  
0357 A New Waiter Opening a Fizz  
0357 E Launch of the Porthoustock Life-boat  
0358 n.c.  
0358 E Wreck of the Mohican  
0359 Philadelphia Police on Parace  
0359 E The Derby  
0360 Girard College Cadets  
0360 E The Paddock  
0361 Her First Corset  
0362 Girard College Cadets in Review  
0363 Girard College Cadets at Double Quick  
0364 Battleship "Texas"  
0365 Ocean Greyhounds  
0366 The Battery  
0367 Battleships "Maine" and "Iowa"  
0368 Warships "Marblehead" and "Miantonomah"/Battleships "Marblehead" and "Miantonomah"  
0369 The "Amphitrite"  
0370 the Mischievous Monkey  
0371 Pongo  
0372 Christmas Eve  
0373 Visit of St. Nicholas  
0374 Christmas Morning  
0375 Mulberry Bend  
0376 The Model  
0377 Tipping the Cart in Mulberry Bend  
0378 Scrambling for Pennies  
0379 The Side walks of New York  
0380 The Night Before Christmas  
0381 Santa Claus Filling Stockings  
0382 Christmas Morning  
0383 Christmas Tree Party  
0384 The Workers  
0385 Cruikshank  
0386→0388 Bird's-eye View of N.Y. from Brooklyn Bridge  
0388 At the Top of Brooklyn Bridge  
0389 A Mouse in a Girls' Dormitory  
0390 How a Rat Interrupted an Afternoon Tea  
0391 Only a Rat  
0392 n.c.  
0392 E Amann  
0393 n.c.  
0393 E Amann  
0394 n.c.  
0394 E Amann, the Great Impersonator  
0395→0402 n.c.  
0402 E The Prince of Wales (King Edward VII) at he Aldeshot Review  
0403→0405 n.c.  
0406 "Spike", the Bag-Punching Dog  
0406 E Ritchie, the Tramp Bicyclist  
0407 Skipping Rope Dance by Lizzie Derious Daly/A Skipping Rope Dance  
0407 E Tapping a Blast Furnace  
0408 An Early Breakfast  
0409 n.c.  
0409 E Her Majesty, Queen Victoria  
0410→0411 n.c.  
0411 E Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, Reviewing the Honorable Artillery  
0412 An Interrupted Sitting  
0412 E The Henley Regatta  
0413 The Bowery Waiter and the Old Time Ball Player  
0413 E Between the Races  
0414 n.c.  
0414 E Stage Coaches Leaving the Hotel Victoria  
0415 New Year's Carnival in Philadelphia  
0416 New Year's Carnival in Philadelphia  
0417 New Year's Carnival in Philadelphia  
0418 New Year's Carnival in Philadelphia  
0419 New Year's Carnival in Philadelphia  
0420 What Happened when a Hot Picture was Taken  
0421 Girls Struggling for a Sofa  
0421 E Polo-A Dash for Goal  
0422 Her Morning Exercise  
0422 E Polo-Hurlingham vs. Ranelagh  
0423 An Interrupted Breakfast  
0424 The Tipping Evil  
0425 Unexpected Advent of the School Teacher  
0426 Trinity Church Boston  
0427 Skating  
0428 Skating  
0429 How She Gets along Without a Maid  
0430 At the Chorus Girls' Picnic  
0431 The Timid Girls and the Terrible Cow  
0432 The See-saw at the Chorus Girls' Picnic  
0433 An Impromptu Can-can at the Chorus Girl's Picnic  
0434 Merry Sleigh Bells  
0434 E International Collegiate Games-Half Mile Run  
0435 A Fine Day for Sleighing/A Fine Day for Sleighing, Boston  
0435 E International Collegiate Games  
0436 A Sleighing Scene  
0436 E International Collegiate Games-100 yards Dash  
0437 Beacon Street, Boston, During the Blizzard/During the Blizzard  
0437 E International College Games-110 yards Hurdle Race  
0438 Clearing a Drift, Boston  
0438 E The International Collegiate Games  
0439 Fishing Vessels, After the Blizzard, Boston  
0440 Charge of the Light Brigade  
0440 E International Colege Games  
0441 Sailing Vessel Bound Out. N.Y. Bay/A Three Masted Schooner  
0442 Loading a Mississippi Steamboat  
0442 E International College Games  
0443 Spanish Battleship "Viscaya"  
0444 Spanish Battleship "Viscaya"  
0444 E Launch of the Battleship "Vengeance"  
0445 They're not so Warm  
0446 The Monitor "Terror"  
0447 The Pilot Boat "New York"  
0448 The Skyscrapers of New York  
0449 The Torpedo Boat "Du Pont"  
0450 Way Down South  
0451 Down in Dixie  
0451 E Man Oveboard !  
0452 City Hall  
0453 The Mardi Gras Carnival  
0454 Mardi Gras Carnival  
0455 Scene on the Steam-ship "Olivette"  
0456 Tampa Bay Hotel, Tampa, Fla.  
0457 Lawn Tennis in Florida  
0458 Feeding the Ducks at Tampa Bay  
0459 Fighting Roosters in Florida  
0460 The Snow Shoe Club  
0461 Canadian Militia on Snow Shoes, Quebec/Canadian Artillery Marching on Snow Shoes  
0462 Quebec Fire Department Drill  
0463 Quebec Fire Department Drill  
0464 Hockey Match, Quebec  
0465 Life Saving; Quebec Fire Department  
0466 Life Saving; Quebec Fire Department  
0467 Coasting Scene in Canada  
0468 Coasting in Canada  
0469 Panoramic View of the Boston Navy Yard/Boston Navy Yard  
0470 Coasting in Canada  
0471 Children Coasting  
0472 Steamer "Boston"  
0473 Panoramic View of Ft. Warren. Boston/Harbor Defenses  
0474 Panoramic View of Ft. Warren. Boston/Harbor Defenses  
0475 The Christian Herald's Relief Station, Havana  
0476 Divers at Work on the Wreck of the "Maine"/Divers at Work on the Maine  
0477 The Wreck of the "Maine"  
0478 Brigadier-General Fitz Hugh Lee, Havana  
0479 A Run of the Havana Fire Department  
0480 The Cruiser "Montgomery"  
0481 Canadian Artillery Marching on Snow-shoes  
0481 Canadian Outdoors Sports  
0482 Spanish Volunteers in Havana  
0483 Launching of the Battleship "Kentucky"/Launching the Battleship "Kentucky"  
0484 Cuban Reconcentrados  
0485 Steamship "Olivette"  
0486 Launching of the "Kearsarge"  
0487 Bare-back riding. Sixth U.S. Cavalry  
0488 Bare-back riding. Sixth U.S. Cavalry  
0489 Bare-back riding. Sixth U.S. Cavalry  
0490 Theodore Roosevelt  
0491 Captain Sigsbee  
0492 The Cruiser "Brooklyn"  
0493 The Cruiser "Columbia"  
0493 E Beerbohm Tree, the great English Actor  
0494 The Ram "Katahdin"  
0495 The Cruiser "Minneapolis"  
0496 The Battleship "Massachusetts"  
0497 Shipyard of the Newport News Ship-building Co/Newport News Ship-Building Co.'s Shipyard  
0498 nc.  
0499 What happened to the Dancing Master's Pupil  
0500 Her First Lesson in Dancing