Cecil M. Hepworth publie son premier catalogue en novembre 1899. En septembre 1900, apparaît pour la première fois le nom "Hepwix Films" (The Era, 8 septembre 1900, p. 28). Les derniers films produits sous ce nom datent de 1904.


001 Express Trains/Express Trains in a Railway Cutting  
002 Hurdle Race and Three-Legged Race  
003 Ladies "Tortoise" Race  
004 Donkey Race  
005 The Prince of Wales at Windsor Agricultural Show  
006 Procession of Prize Cattle  
007 Drive Past of Four-in-Hands  
008 Horse-Jumping Competition  
009 Thames Panorama-Under Chertsey Bridge  
010 Royal Ascot-The Race for the Gold Cup  
011 Royal Ascot-The Race for the New Stakes  
012 Floral Parade of Lady Cyclists  
013 Comic Costume Race for Cyclists  
014 Egg & Spoon Race for Lady Cyclists  
015 Military Cyclists Obstacle Handicap  
016 One Mile Championship Bicycle Race  
017 Musical Ride By Ladies  
018 Musical Ride By Ladies-Wheeling  
019 Victorica Cross Race by Military Cyclists  
020 Cockade Fight on Cycles  
021 Cycle Polo Match  
022 Blackpool-The Parade  
023 Blackpool-Panorama of the Sea-Front  
024 Pleasure Yachts and "Boat-Cars"  
025 Boating Scene at the Sea-Side  
026 Arrival of Train-Load of Visitors at Henley Station Arrivée d'un train à la gare d'Henley
027 Henley Regatta-Grand Challenge Cup Race; An early Heat Régates d'Henley
028 Henley Regatta-Grand Challenge Cup Race; Finat Heat  
029 Henley Regatta-The Crowd After a Race Régates d'Henley
030 Henley Regatta-Diamond Challenge Sculls Race; Finat Heat  
031 Henley Regatta-A Crowded Course  
032 Henley Regatta-Visitors' Challenge Cup Race; Final Heat  
033 Henley Regatta-Thames Challenge Cup Race; Final Heat  
034 Henley Regatta-Ladie's Challenge Plate Race  
035 Thames River Scenery-Panorama of the Crowded River  
036 Thames River Scenery-Wargrave  
037 Thames River Scenery-Shiplake and the "Druid's Cave"  
038 Thames River Scenery-Marsh Lock  
039 Panorama of a Cornish Mining Village  
040 Panorama of a Devonshire River  
041 n.c.  
042 H.M.S. "Camperdown"  
043 Wooden Walls of Old England  
044 Frigates in Harbour  
045 Panorama of Devonport  
046 H.M.S. "Ocean" Preparing for Trial Trips  
047 Training Ship & Saltash Bridge  
048 Panorama of Warships in Dock  
049 View From an Engine Front-Meldon Viaduct, L. & S.W. Railway  
050 View From an Engine Front-Shilla Mill Tunnel  
051 View From an Engine Front-Devonshire Scenery Vue prise de l'avant d'une locomotive
052-054 n.c.  
055 View From an Engine Front-Train Leaving Tunnel  
056 View From an Engine Front-Under Saltash Bridge  
057 View From an Engine Front-Through a Double Tunnel Vue prise de l'avant d'une locomotive
058 n.c.  
059 View From an Engine Front-Over the Tavy Bridge  
060 n.c.  
061 View From an Engine Front-Up Exeter Incline  
062 View From Rear of Train Passing Through a Tunnel  
063 n.c.  
064 Rocks and Rough Sea  
065 Arrival of an Excursion Steamer  
066 Arrival of S.S. "Lady Margaret" at Ilfracombe  
067 Departure of a Streamer  
068 Arrival of S.S. "Westward Ho!" in Harbour  
069 Mud Larks  
070 Macaroni Competition Concours de mangeurs de macaroni
071 Canoe Rescue Race  
072  The Stolen Drink Les Pêcheurs altérés
073 Exchange no Robbery Échange n'est pas vol
074 Two Cockneys in a Canoe Le Canot renversé
075 The Prize Fight-First Round  
076 The Prize Fight-The Knock out  
077 Wrestling Match